Haryana | Government Schools to Soon Have RO Purified Water and Solar Energy

In a major step to reinforce hygiene and cleanliness in the state-run schools, the government of Haryana has decided to install purified water systems in all the government schools across Haryana from 2018. Government’s decision of installing RO (reverse osmosis) water purification systems in all the government schools is being applauded not only by different government bodies but also by the parents and school staff.

RO Water Systems in Haryana Schools

In the initial phase, the government schools in urban areas will get the RO systems. After the completion of the RO water purifier installation process in urban areas, the facility of purified water will be gradually extended to the government schools in the rural areas of Haryana. The Haryana government is taking all the necessary steps to ensure better hygiene in all the school in urban as well as rural areas. The aim to fight numerous illnesses that may occur due to drinking contaminated water led to the decision of installing RO water systems in all the schools as kids, due to under developed immune system, are more prone to water borne diseases.

Solar Energy too for the schools

In addition to installing RO water purification systems in the government schools across the state from 2018 the government has also decided to install solar panels in the government schools across Haryana. The solar panels will be installed on the rooftops of the government schools which will produce the solar energy to be utilized for various purposes in the school. As of now, it has been proposed that the energy produced by these panels would be consumed to run computers in the schools.

Installation of solar panels which is considered a one-time investment, is being promoted by the government on a large scale. The solar energy can be utilised to run various household instruments and machines without increasing your electricity bills. Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister, Haryana has urged the authorities to increase the state’s own revenue. He emphasized that the state should see for ways to generate revenues rather raising debts from other sources.

Source: Times of India


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