Haryana to Now Come Up With Vegetable Price Stability Fund | Check Out More Details Here

The Haryana government announced the setting up of a Vegetable Price Stability Fund to assist the farmers during price fluctuation. Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar-led Haryana government took this decision months after the farmers in Haryana were forced to sell potatoes at throwaway prices. It was reported that the farmers sold the potatoes for as low as 20 paise per kg. Following this incident, the Haryana government decided to aid the farmers by setting up a Vegetable Price Stability Fund. It was reported that the farmers sold potatoes at the Pipli grain market in Haryana at the price of at 20 paise per kg.

The need of Vegetable Price Stability Fund in Haryana

While elaborating the need for the Vegetable Price Stability Fund the Chief Minister stated it is difficult to store the perishable vegetables like tomato and potato for long. The farmers face this problem more than often and under the fear of losing vegetables, they sell the stock for the price of peanuts. For this problem, to which the farmers are unable to find a solution, the Haryana Government has decided to set up the Vegetable Price Stability Fund. In the event of price fluctuations, this separate fund will provide assistance to the farmers. The key perishable and non- perishable vegetables will come under the Vegetable Price Stability Fund and this fund will address seasonal fluctuations in the prices of these vegetables.

Farmers to yield benefits from Vegetable Price Stability Fund

Once the perishable and non-perishable crops are designated to be covered under Vegetable Price Stability Fund farmers will be able to yield maximum benefits out of this scheme. This mechanism will support the farmers and will ensure that the farmers are not forced to opt for distress sale despite a bumper crop. The fund will assist farmers in seasonal fluctuations in the prices of perishable and non-perishable vegetables and there will be less chances of selling the vegetables at a far lesser price. The Haryana Government is all set to implement this fund at the earliest to ensure farmer’s benefit and gains.

Source: Business Standard 


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