Haryana | Petrol Pumps in State to Now Remain Closed on all Sundays

In Haryana, petrol pump dealers after a long period of waiting got their dire demand of one-shift-sale and Sundays off heard and hopefully the resolution will get into motion by May 10 if the government does not step in and disturb the decision.

So, now onwards, all petrol pumps across Haryana will be closed on every Sunday.

The protest made by the oil dealers was not local and was spread nationwide.

Haryana Petrol Pumps Closed on Sunday

  • The Indian Petroleum Dealers committee that represents 53,000 dealers across India was asking for weekly offs and to work on a one-shift-sale model 9 am to 6 pm.
  • The meeting was held with Karan Dev Kamboj, the food and supplies minister of Haryana in presence who himself is retail outlet dealer.
  • The committee even took up a resolution to declare a no purchase day on May 10 and will start to follow the one-shift-sale model.
  • Nowadays, quite a number of petrol pumps are open for 24 hrs, some work from 6 am to 10 pm and are open for seven days a week.

The Reason

The challenges that the oil industry has been facing made the Confederation of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CIPD), to take up this resolution. The oil companies have not released the dealer margins since 2011.

The oil marketing companies due to not implementing the norms stipulated in the Apurva Chandra Committee Report on RO Dealer Margins, even after directions by the government of India in September 2013.

After Effects

Chairman CIPD, legal affairs, Ramesh Kundan Mal stated that the decision was to be taken by the government by December 31, 2016, but was delayed till March. We were called up on March 9 but instead, we were informed that OMCs oil marketing companies would need a further two months to place recommendations before their Board and Finance Committee.

Mal furthermore said that this decision taken is still quite haste and can put the oil dealers in a tight state to cross sales targets and that can bankrupt them sooner or later.

Whereas, Kamboj assured the CIPD members that he would call them for a meeting and is well aware of all the problems and would help them to get their problems resolved.

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