Haryana Police Makes a Rape Survivor Strip | Probe Ordered

Haryana Police has crossed all boundaries of moral conduct as in a shameful act that they portrayed by harassing a mere 14-year old rape victim by making her unbutton and strip on the pretext of investigations to be carried out.

The disgusting and shameful act has not only brought disgrace to Haryana cops but also to the society and law that deals with the victims of rape in the region. The male cops in the first place are not allowed to conduct the medical examination, unaware of this fact, the girl was forced to undergo the harassment by “Haryana Cops” who took advantage of her unaware and dismal state of mind.

About the Shameful act of Haryana Police

On the pretext of knowing whether she was actually raped or not the cops took her for investigation and inquiry to the crime investigation agency office in Kaithal, Haryana at the late hours of night on Novermber 23. After molesting her, the Haryana cops took her to the women’s police station. She demands justice not only for the rape but also for the plight she had undergone at the end of Haryana Police. But, none heard her cries and no case was registered against the Haryana police officials.

What the Rape Victim has to say?

The ordeal suffered by her at the hands of the cops handling the case was far more worse than the rape itself as the victim claims. Here’s what exactly happened as the victim recalls her plight and files a petition against the “Haryana male cops” who harassed her.

  • The 14-yr old girl had filed a rape case against people she knew who raped her on November 20th
  • Haryana Police officials take her on the pretext of investigation to CIA office in Kaithal on Nov, 23rd
  • Male cops of Haryana Police therein took advantage of the situation and harassed the girl
  • The girl was made to unbutton her clothes to prove rape
  • The cops molested her by touching her thighs
  • One of the cops even went on to hold her toes while investigations were on
  • The cops harassed her on the pretext of conducting a medical examination
  • Haryana cops threatened her to speak up on the matter to anyone else
  • The girl files a petition against the cops demanding justice with the help of her father

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied !

The next hearing date for the petition filed in the Punjab and Haryana court is on July 5th and a notice has been issued to Haryana DGP to probe the matter. On repeated notifications to Haryana DGP, no action was taken against the defaulter policemen.

Already going through a mental trauma, what worse could happen to a young girl who at a tender age was initially raped by unscrupulous elements of the society and thereafter when demanded justice, the so-called law abiding police officials further harass her like this. The victim wants an FIR  to be registered under IPC and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act and stringent action against the policemen.

The young girl wants “Justice” in the state of ‘lawlessness and utter chaos’. Does anyone hear her cries? Let us hope and pray, the court does !!!

Source: TOI

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