Here’s How Sex Ratio in the State of Haryana is Changing (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao)

Coming positive from a real time check reports live from the grounds of the previously defamed anti-girl child state Haryana, times have certainly changed along with the mindset of the people. Haryana, that one state that invoked a fear amongst women a few decades back has certainly evolved itself with changing times. Be it, girl child education, female feticide, dowry system and other women related issues, Haryana previously topping the list of all the states has shown a phenomenal rise in the sex ratio forte amongst the other issues that engulfed the state.

Higher Sex Ratio – History is being Created

Unknowingly, Haryana is creating history by the statistics that speak in favour of it. The rise in the sex ratio has proven that the launch of “Beti Bachao Andolan” in 2015 under BJP governance has not gone in vain and in a matter of two years has been able to create enough awareness about the same. The impact of such a scheme has been witnessed among all the stratas of society.

Statistics Speak ! 

The data collected as per the recent survey corroborates the fact that “Dhaakad” daughters are all set to take over the grounds of various districts of Haryana. The following statistics create a mind boggling yet optimistic vision for the future of women in our country.

  • Rise in the overall sex ratio in the state from 850 in 2015 to 938 by February 2017
  • Sex ratio gone up from 858 in 2015 to 905 2016, achieving a 40-point rise in Rohtak district of the state.
  • 12 districts out of 22 achieved sex ratio of over 900 in recent times.
  • 1,000 people arrested and 400 FIR’s registered on female feticide issue.
  • 18 raids across Rohtak alone to ensure proper implementation of law and much more.

Dark Side of the scenario

The “severely critical” sex ratio in districts like Bhali which had a slight increase from sex ratio of 560 to 704 but still at borderline awaits more effort from the government. 64 other villages belonging to the category of having sex ratio less than 800 are yet to achieve the great vision of  Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar of reaching the target of 950.

Though exceptions lie in these villages too where recently turned father Jitendra in his 30’s called for a feast in the entire village on the birth of a baby girl in his family. He aims to turn his little angel like athlete Sakshi Malik, who bagged a medal for the country in Rio Olympics 2016, belonging to the same district.

Miles to go before I sleep!

As per the far-sighted vision of the Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, various steps are being taken by the government for the cause.

  • Creation of awareness through drives and sexual offences awareness camps in schools
  • Stringent punitive actions for offenders
  • Workshops among self-help groups, anganwadis, community health workers and teachers
  • Street plays organised with active women participation in villages

With great efforts put in by the government and an aware population, let us keep ours fingers crossed for the day when we would see Haryanvi Chhorian taking their toll over the men around the world.

Stats Source: NDTV


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