Haryana | 23-Year Old Rohtak Girl Gang-Raped, Beaten & Murdered

Haryana, one of the fastest developing state and also the state which records the highest gang rape cases in India has witnessed another brutal gangrape in Rohtak. Just after the Supreme court ordered a death sentence for Nirbhaya’s rapist, another gang rape has taken place in Haryana.

A 23-year-old divorcee woman was repeatedly gang raped by two men from Sonipat. The two men brutally raped the girl in Rohtak as they inserted a sharp-edged weapon in the girl’s private parts.

Rohtak Girl Brutally Gangraped And Beaten

The girl was brutally gang-raped by two men and was later beaten. They smashed her head with a brick so badly that it was almost impossible to identify the 23-year-old girl. The passersby found her decomposed body on Thursday in an open plot in the Industrial Model Township area of Rohtak. They informed the police and by the time the police arrived at the spot, half of her body parts were eaten up by the dogs.

The police started their investigation and arrested the two men who were involved in the gang rape. One of them is identified as Sumit Kumar, the girl’s neighbour in Sonepat. The other one is identified as Vikas, Sumit’s friend.

Why And How Did The Incident Happen

The police said that the girl was raped because she had refused to marry Sumit. Sumit and his friend raped her because he suspected that the woman had an affair with someone.

Sumit and Vikas took her to Rohtak saying that they want to visit a local lake. They did not take her to the lake instead took her a hotel. Sumit admitted that they gave her a drink and later he and Vikas raped the 23-year-old woman. The police have seen the CCTV footage of the factory in Sonipat where she used to work. She was seen leaving with Sumit and Vikas. Sumit and Vikas dragged her to an open plot at IMT and raped her.

Sumit and Vikas gave her a drink after which she got drowsy. She told Sumit and Vikas that she would file a complaint against them. Hearing this made Sumit angry and later they both brutally raped and beat her.

The Woman’s Post-Mortem Report 

As per the post-mortem reports, she was also forced to have unnatural sex and later a sharp-edged weapon was inserted in her private parts.

The head of forensic medicine at PGIMER said that they found multiple bones fractured in the woman’s head. He said she was so brutally raped and beaten that she had got multiple injuries, her mandible was fractured, her private parts also had internal tear injuries.


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