In Haryana, You’ll Now Be Fined Rs 2,000 For Obstructing Ambulance Path

In Haryana, blocking the road of an Emergency Ambulance can now land you in serious trouble. The Haryana Government has put strong fines for not clearing up the way for an Ambulance in a hurry to pass.

According to a fact, crossing red light to give way to an ambulance is not considered as red light jump and no one can challan you for this act. but if you stand blocking the way of an ambulance, you’ll be fined Rs. 2000.

New Haryana Road Rules and The Fines

The new rules set up by the Haryana Government would prove to be of great help for the general public and will help in decreasing the cases of road rampage.

The rules revised by the government and the fines that will be charged under the Motor Vehicles Act. against the violation of those rules are as follows:

  • Blocking ambulance with a patient would be fined Rs 2,000 for the first time and for the second time Rs 5,000.
  • Carrying good on a passenger car Rs 2,000 first time and Rs 5,000 for the second.
  • Driving a vehicle without an HSRP would Rs 500 for the first time and Rs 1,000 the second.
  • Driving vehicle without a driving license would be Rs 1,000 for first time and Rs 2,000 for the second.
  • Under aged driving would be fines with Rs 1,000 for the first time and Rs 2,000 for the second.
  • Overloading vehicle upto 25% of permitted load capacity would be fined Rs 2,000.
  • An additional amount of Rs 1,000 per tonne of excess load would also be charged.
  • Moreover the driver will be liable to the offloading charges.

The state government has already approved the revisions and the implementation of the changes will take place by May 1.

Being Sensible On The Road

According to the Motor Vehicle Act people on the road are supposed to act responsibly when they come across a hurrying ambulance. The Act states that a vehicle should move to its left and leave way for the emergency vehicle.

The Haryana’s Transport Commissioner Suprabha Dahiya justified the changes made by saying that she has received a lot of requests from different social organisations and NGOs that were facing problems regarding the blocking of the ambulance’s paths often. Dahiya asserted further that a “delaying ambulance can become a reason of patient’s death that require immediate help.”

Image Source = Hindustan Times

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