Haryanvi Men Booked For Turning “Fake Sikhs” To Join The Indian Army

Haryana’s youth changed his religion to get into The Indian Army.Getting into The Indian Army is almost every child’s dream in India. The struggle to be a part of The Indian Army is real while some Haryanvi men took a completely different step to join The Indian Army.

A resident of Kaithal changed his name to Shiv, cleared all the tests and was later selected to join the Indian Army. Shiv was selected to join The Indian Army’s Sikh regiment last year in February.

Man Turned Fake Sikh To Join The Indian Army 

The instructors found that something was with the Haryanvi man who changed his name to Shiv. Shiv couldn’t even speak a line of Punjabi and later admitted that made fake documents to turn into a Sikh so that he could join The Indian Army.

After an investigation, the bitter truth came out that 51 FIRs have been registered in the past 2 years against the young Haryanvi men who turned into Fake Sikhs to join The Indian Army’s Sikh Regiment. This shows that instead of working hard, the youth in Haryana are trying to adopt a completely way to join Army. A lot of men were caught during the training at the Sikh Regimental centres.

As per sources, a lot of Haryanvi men added “Sikh” in their caste certificates. Some men also completed the ritual of taking Amrit.

4 Youth of Haryana Caught For Submitting Fake Documents To Join The Army 

Since the British era, The Indian Army has been following a tradition of community-specific regiments. Simarjeet and Shiv (Changed Name) turned into Fake Sikhs to join the Army.

Simarjeet could not even answer the basic questions about the Sikhism which were asked by the officials. He later admitted that he taken completed the ritual of taking Amrit after he was selected for The Indian Army under the Sikh quota. Simarjeet and Shiv will now be facing criminal charges for submitting fake documents to join Army.

As per sources, the director of recruiting office at Ambala Cantt said that it is very difficult to spot such candidates. He said that a case has been registered against four Haryanvi youth from Kaithal and have also been terminated from the Indian Army.

The ASI and the investigating officer said that to identify such cases the best way is to have a quick chat about Sikhism. He said that they also caught a lot of youth who submitted fake minority quota documents during the selection process.

In 2015, 47 boys from Jind, Hisar, Sirsa and Faridabad were caught for submitting fake documents to join The Indian Army.

Source: The Times Of India

Image source: Economic times

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