Panchkula Ruined by Dera Followers | 10 BIG Headlines After Ram Rahim’s Arrest

Just after final verdict was given on Ram Rahim and he was arrested from CBI court in Panchkula, dera followers have taken to violence. Weapons, lathis, stones are being used by Ram Rahim followers and if we have to be precise with the words we use – we’ll say that Panchkula has been RUINED.

News vans in Panchkula have been burnt. This happened on the Chandigarh Shimla highway and in Sector 5 of Panchkula. One of the OB van belonged to NDTV.

Police in Panchkula is using tear gas bombs and firing in the air. The mob is using stones and is fighting with police and army. The situation is that mob is in lakhs and police is just in thousands.

Cars in Panchkula have been broken and put on fire. More than 250 cars have been affected. This happened in front of a government office in Sector 5.

Police vans, cars and vehicles have also been put on fire by Ram Rahim followers in Panchkula.

Panchkula income tax office has been put on fire. The fire started from a bike parked just outside the building in the porch and soon

5 people have died in this violence at Panchkula. The situation in Panchkula is similar to Jammu & Kashmir. Media people have been hurt.

Sector 5 market area has also been ruined. All cars or vehicles standing in the parking of Sector 5 Panchkula have been burnt. People have also broken window glasses of some showrooms.

Rehris standing near Sector 5 and even footpath vendors have been burnt.

2 Railways stations in Punjab have been put on fire. These are Malot and Baluana.

Curfew has been imposed in Bathinda, Ferozpur and Mansa in Punjab.

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