Health Department to Start 50 Yoga Camps in Chandigarh

The people of the beautiful city are not only concernd about their beauty but are very much conscious about their health too. Taking it into consideration, the UT Health Department is going to start 50 yoga camps for the residents in the city from November. Health department along with Education department will be organizing camps in 50 different schools of the city on the daily basis for 1 hour each day. These yoga camps will commence from November, but the dates of inauguration have not been fixed yet. Anybody can be a part of this camp in any of the 50 schools of the city beautiful.

Reason and benefits behind such camps

Modi has initiated the celebration of International Yoga day on 21 June 2015 with the vision to make the entire world healthy. The very 1st International Yoga Day was celebrated at Delhi and the 2nd one was held at Chandigarh where our PM Mr. Modi did Yoga with 30000 people at Capitol Complex in Chandigarh on 21 June 2016. Taking forward the idea of Yoga, Health Department

Taking forward the idea of Yoga, Chandigarh Health Department has thought of this great idea o start yoga camps for city residents. Yoga has many benefits like:

  • Makes your bones stronger
  • Keep the blood pressure in control
  • Keeps you fresh all day
  • Makes you happier
  • Gives you inner and outer strength

Yoga is one such exercise that keeps you fit and fine all day long.

Yoga Camps in Chandigarh

With this process, 50 instructors will be instructing the people of Chandigarh in 50 different schools. Even the administration is planning to take forward this step to a next level. More trainers will be roped to these camps, so that more and more people can be reached out in Chandigarh.

It seems with the increasing numbers of patients with various diseases in Chandigarh. UT Health department is taking the health of the citizens more seriously and trying to make the city beautiful, more beautiful for the people to live in.


Gurjit Kaur

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