Here’s How Chandigarh Reacted to ‘Closing of 77 Liquor Shops’ News

‘Char bottle vodka, ab na raha kam roj ka’, Ab to 1 bottle lene bhi dur jana padega.

After Chandigarh Metro posted the news about 77 liquor vends to shut down in Chandigarh, residents of the city – young as well as old could not control their emotions. Many people appreciated the step taken by Supreme Court, whereas some requested not close these liquor shops.

How Chandigarhians Reacted:

It’s true that ‘Pyase ko kuyein (well) se or sharabi ko theke (liquor shop) se koi door nai kiya ja sakta. Many also commented that chahe sare theke band kar do, humnein toh peeni hi chod di hai. And yes, we forgot to mention that drinking is injurious to health and this is on a serious note.

The news went viral and here are some selected comments from one of our Facebook Page where this news was shared.

People tagged their friends and the conversations were too interesting.

And then there were requests to not close a liquor shop in particular sectors.

OMG! People started starving just by our news of shutting down the liquor shops.

There were some who appreciated the decision.

People used emojis like thumbs up, claps, etc.

Some felt the pinch that they’ll have to travel some distance to find a liquor shop in Chandigarh.

And then there were comments that this is the time to quit drinking. We appreciate the thoughts. 

And we even came across a comment that wanted to see the list of liquor shops that will be open and running. Matlab sudharna nai tusi… lol. 

‘La ke 3 peg baliye, painde bhangra gaddi di dikki khol ke’. Now the bhangra will be outside Chandigarh.

Bas bas, jyada senti nai hona. Weather you drink or not, just be responsible, fear from God and enjoy your life.

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