Here’s What Chandigarh Youngsters Prefer Drinking out of Beer & Whiskey (With Reasoning)

Youth of Chandigarh is going crazy about their liking for Alcohol drinks and it seems that new cafe and lounge openings here, will tremendously make their way to a great business. When it comes to selecting a drink, youngster’s of Chandigarh have their own preference of drinking Beer in the afternoon and Whiskey at night.

Beer, as it falls under light drink category due to its low alcohol content is the major liking of the youth in Chandigarh including male and female ratio. Summers are turning up and this is one of the core reasons for people chilling out by having chilled beer to avoid scorching heat every summer.

Another huge reason of the youngsters consuming alcohol is the “Free Drink Culture” in Chandigarh.¬†Here’s what this free drink culture in Chandigarh is all about:

  • Complimentary drinks for women
  • Happy Hours culture
  • Booze till the bladder burst Wednesday’s
  • Beer Tuesday

These marketing gimmicks have been adopted by Bar, lounges and Restaurants of Chandigarh in order to attract more and more customers. Chandigarh falls at the top when it comes to the city with the highest rate in consumption of alcohol. Some of the reasons could be:

Preference of Beer during Day Time

Beer, due to its low alcohol content falls under the category of light drinks in the bar menu. People generally, go for it during the day time as it also helps in fulfilling the satiety value when it comes to conquering our thirst in the scorching heat of summers in Chandigarh. Many micro-breweries serve the best of the international and national beers in Chandigarh.

Free Drink Culture

Chandigarh falls under the city consuming highest alcohol in a year. One of the core reason for it is the Free Drink Culture and Marketing Gimmicks adopted by the Lounges, bars and Restaurants in Chandigarh. Complimentary drinks for women, 24X7 Happy Hours, Bladder Burst Wednesday and what not!

Beer lowers down the risk of getting caught

No one wants to get caught red handed by parents at home or by police at nakaas. Beer lowers down the risk as it is light and low in its alcohol content and thus the person consuming it, sober’s down pretty soon.

Jatt Risky.. After Balti Whiskey

Heavy drinks like Whiskey and Scotch are generally preferred by the youngster’s of Chandigarh at night. Whisky has the power to immediately slow down everything and it is also considered to be an attention-seeker. That is why House party culture is becoming famous in Chandigarh, where people drink, party, enjoy at homes to avoid late night nakaas on the streets of Chandigarh. Whiskey and Scotch is preferred for its “bold image” as you can’t just ignore a slurp of it.

It seems that alcohol is in the mandatory list when it comes to partying and enjoying the nightlife in Chandigarh. Beer during the day and whiskey during the night.



Prakriti R Sharma

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