Here’s How CBSE Plans To Prevent Quention Paper Leak With Help of Technology

CBSE takes measures to prevent question paper leak with the help of latest technology.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) had witnessed a leak of the papers and thus the exam of certain subjects was reconducted as well. The question papers of certain subjects of both the CBSE Class 10 & Class 12 Board Exams 2018 were allegedly leaked and thus the CBSE Class 12 Economics Board Exam 2018 was reconducted.

In order to curb all the probable changes in context to the leak of the question papers of the Board Exams, the CBSE Board of School Education is known to have been making use of the latest and the advanced technology so that such circumstances do not arise in the future.

CBSE To Make Use Of Technology To Prevent Question Paper Leak 

After considering the various incidents which took place recently in the month of March regarding the leak of the Central Board of Secondary Education Class 10 & Class 12 Board Question Papers 2018, the officials have decided to make use of the advanced as well as the latest technology in order to curb the incidents which lead the leak of the questions papers and if anything of such sort is done or indulged into, the same should immediately be brought into notice and acted upon immediately.

The economics paper of Class 12 Boards was reconducted which was leaked and lakhs of students were affected because of the leak. A special committee as been appointed by the Board of the School Education in order to make appropriate use of the advanced technology which shall play a vital role in preventing of the situations which lead to the misconduction of the examination thorugh the source of leaking the question papers to some of the students before hand. The committee shall also pay full attention so that in no chance, does the question paper of any of the subject of any class gets leaked.

No CBSE Official Involved in Paper Leak 

It has been asserted by the Central Board of Secondary Education officials that no internal sources of the education board were included in the leak of the question papers which happened recently in the month of March 2018. The leak scandal revolved around that some CBSE officials were likely included but nothing of that sort has been proved as such.

It is known that the leak of the question papers was a result of some of the tech-savvy people which resulted in the access to the question papers and the simulatneous leak of the papers.


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