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Panchkula roads are more than often found in bad shape. Ever wondered why the roads in Panchkula do not sustain for long? According to a report, past inquiries in Panchkula that probed poor quality of roads in the city, answered the reason of the poor road conditions of one of the planned cities in Haryana.

Here is why the Panchkula roads are in bad shape

According to the report, a vigilance probe that was conducted last year had revealed that the poor condition of the roads in Panchkula was due to the substandard material used in the construction or recarpeting of the roads. The probe also revealed that bitumen and other binding contents that were used in constructing most of the roads in Panchkula was lower than the permissible limit. The roads that bear the worst shape were constructed or repaired between 2014 and 2015.

Besides the lower standard of bitumen and binding material used in the construction of the roads in Panchkula, other material that was used in the construction was also substandard in nature.

Shocking revelation of the report

A report that was submitted to the state government last year in December revealed shocking reasons. It was found in the report that in B roads of Sector 15, Panchkula, the bitumen was 34.65 metric tonnes less than the permissible limit. Besides the B roads of sector 15, Panchkula, 18 metric tonnes of bitumen was also found less in the roads that were carpeted in Sector 14/1.

The probe to check the quality of the roads was ordered on the complaint of a resident of Sector-4 Panchkula. The resident had alleged that public had to suffer at the end due to the negligence of the Municipal Corporation that overlooked the lapses for the personal gains.

Potholes and cracks within two months on the newly repaired road

According to the report, residents alleged that the contractors do not use the permissible quantity of bitumen and stone dust. This is a regular practice for the contractors to use substandard material which leads to the early collapse of the roads. The residents alleged that this lapse happens under the aegis of the Panchkula Municipal Corporation officials who overlook the lapses for their personal benefits.

In the dearth of quality checks on the road construction, pits and cracks are developed on repaired, as well as newly constructed roads. According to the report, a resident of Sector-12, Panchkula had alleged that the Munisipal Corporation, Panchkula had constructed a new road between Sector 4 and 12. Within three months this road has developed pits and cracks.

Post the report, departmental action has been ordered in the case. It was also reported that as many many 7 Municipal Corporation officials in Panchkula will soon be issued chargesheets in the case.

Source: Hindustan Times


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