Here’s Why Government Wants NCERT Syllabus for Students To Be Halved

Major changes related to the NCERT Syllabus for different classes are to be introduced. Know why.

There have been a lot of speculations related to the changes to be introduced in the National Council of Educational Research and Training books as well as the deduction of the NCERT Syllabus which is currently being taught by the schools making use of the NCERT Books.

As discussed earlier, a decision by the Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has been formulated in context to the deduction of the prescribed NCERT syllabus. Suggestions for the same were also asked from various stakeholders of the educational institutions and after receiving the same, the final decision of the deduction of the NCERT syllabus for the students of various classes has taken place.

NCERT Syllabus To Be Halved | Here’s Why 

The HRD Ministry has decided to cut the National Council of Educational Research and Training syllabus for the students to half. This is being done so that the overall development of the child is being focused upon. It has been felt that the syllabus is ‘cramped’ and therefore, the need to cut down the NCERT syllabus by 50 per cent has been felt.

In lieu of the same, the government had received an overwhelming feedback from the stakeholders when the idea of rationalizing the syllabus of the school education was proposed to them which could be done by cutting the increasing burden of theNational Council of Educational Research and Training syllabus. In order to let the students make use of their cognitive as well as the analytical abilities, the decision of the reduction in the NCERT Syllabus has been taken by the HRD Ministry.

No Deduction Policy – Part Of July Parliament Session 

The talks for no detention policy for the students are still in talks according to which, if a student manages to fail in the final exams conducted in the month of March, another chance is likely to be provided to the student so as to reappear for the exam in the month of May. This is done for the elementary classes that are to Class 8.

Apart from changes by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, the states are also being granted the right to conduct the board examinations for the students of Class 5 and Class 8. All these likeable changes will be presented in the session of the Parliament to be held in the month of July.


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