RRB Employees Are On Strike For Today & Here’s Why

RRB employees are creating headlines with their unmet demands and going to observe an All India Strike today, June 30. RRB also known as Regional Rural Banks are small scale banks spread over the entire nation catering to the banking requirements in villages for farmers and villagers whose recent data base boats of a whopping 30 crore clientele. Well, grown phenomenally in recent times, RRB staff even after working for the same sector following similar norms are being under-paid with no additional benefits as enjoyed by their contemporary employees working for larger Banks. Calling for a strike by RRB employees at a pan Indian level today, RRBs are the talk of the nation instantly.

The All India RRB Strike : Key Points

The All India level strike scheduled for today i.e. on June 30,2017 by RRB staff have shaken the entire nation off from its complacency. Here are the cited reasons as to what makes the RRB employees observe the national level strike in 2017 this year.

  • RRB employees demand pension parity and other perks as given to other bank staff in India
  • Equal for all similar nationalised rules in RRBs under a particular banks at comparable norms
  • Intermediate banks called as State level RRB’s and introduction of privatisation in RRBs unacceptable
  • Major man power of around 90,000 RRB employees to observe the strike, which is huge!
  • The economic contribution to the nation by RRBs boast of a whopping 6 lac crore business
  • Demands of RRB employees involve justification of making more than 22,000 employees retire without benefits
  • RRB staff demand equal opportunities for equal work in the same Banking sector having centralised norms

RRB Staff Demands : Just and Fair ?

Well, coming to what all engulfs the economic condition of India in 2017, RRB employees are leaving no stone unturned to have a say as to what seems just and fair to them. With GST introduction boasting of ‘One Nation One Tax’ motto, RRBs demands of centralised rules and norms in ‘Banking sector’ under the able guidance of larger banks taking care of smaller RRBs seem a fair demand. But, that’s not all.

It is not what always it looks like. Giving ample of time to authorities to take up the matter seriously, observing a day’s strike at a national level is simply RRB employees way of airing their voices in a good democracy that Indian sub-continent boasts of. With over 56 smaller RRBs being taken care of by huge 18 banks of larger scale, necessary calculations and minute detailing is what is required as of now before any opinion can be formed on the issue.

With the banking sector being the backbone of the entire nation, going on a strike of RRB employees is surely going to have repercussions as ripple effect on other sectors apart from the Banking sector as well. And certainly, one must never forget how banks were a pillar of support during the ‘Demonetisation Times’ which India recently went through!

Source : ET

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