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Fitness is not a just a current trend but its a way of life for the present. A healthy mind and body helps you achieve great things in life. Choosing the right fitness trainer has always been one of the toughest part in ones fitness journey and a wrong pick can not just waste your money but can also ruinyour body and eventually your life. These days when there are tons of fitness trainer in the industry who claim to be the best and give you faster result it is easy to fall in a false trap so we thought of helping you out here and sharing the information abut “Yash Vardhan Swami” who is one of the best fitness trainer of India.

So here are some absolute valid reasons, why u should pick trainedbyyvs for your fitness journey

Authentic and Certified – A lot of people make this huge mistake of picking a fitness trainer who is not even certfied and authentic. Yash Vardhan Swami is a certified fitness trainer and from multiple international organisation. He is international sports and sciences association certified, Yash Vardhan is also one of the very fitness trainer of our country who is certified by stanfor university in health and nutrition. He had also completed many workshop Eugene Teo like Muscle Mechanics and Deeper. He has also received multiple level of trainings in USA and London.

International Status – Although Yash Vardhan Swami is just 24 years old he has received a big exposure nd fame in a quite a small time. He is a worldwide famous fitness trainer , life coach and entrepreneur who is widely popular worldwide. Yash has given seminars on fitness and life alL over the world and he was also interviewed at BBC Radio Leicester last year.

More than just a fitness trainer – Yash Vardhan Swami is a lot more than just a fitness trainer. He is a an entrepreneur, life coach, a social media influencer who just not gonna train you getting at shape but will keep you motivated throughout the time and influence you on so many level with his positivity and entrepreneur mind that will help you do better at your life in every aspect of your life.

TRAINEDBYYVS is a brand that just doesn’t promise but guarantees result – Yash Vardhan Swami is not just a name but a brand in itself and it just doesn’t promises but gives guaranteed result which u can check on his website¬† or his Instagram handle @trainedbyyvs


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