High-Pressure Rotary Unions – Components & Where are They Used

Over time, machinery has become more advanced, and the invention of new devices comes as a blessing. Some of those advance devices are High-Pressure Rotary Unions, Inverters and Switches, etc. Our focus is rotary unions, and we’re about to reveal each and everything about these unions.

How can we Define High-Pressure Rotary Unions?

As the name suggests, rotary refers to a circular motion thing, and union indicates the joint of two or more thing and high pressure means that this assembly has something to do with high pressure. Maybe, the device is used to operate in a high-pressure environment. Well, let’s see what the definition of powerful rotary unions

High-Pressure rotary unions are utilized in machines, where there are two components are present, a stationary or a static part or a movable or rotary element is present. These unions are required to flow liquid or fluid between the two components to be specific from stationary to rotary part. If we want this transmission at high pressure, then a powerful rotary union will be installed in a machine.

Let’s take an example, to transfer water from one part of the machine to another element; we use a pipe. In case, one part is static, but the other part is rotating continuously. If we use a tube to perform this operation, the assembly will break the pipe. So, we have to install a rotary union for our process to be successful.

Components Of High-pressure Rotary Unions

Simple high pressure rotary unions are composed of these parts which play an essential role for the operation:


The necessary and crucial part is housing; it is significant due to its property of joining each part of the device. At one side of the house, a medium is entered for transmission, and from the other hand, the medium is introduced to a fixed point.

Rotary Shaft:

This component of rotary union is also an essential one because, without a shaft, rotation cannot be produced. Usually, shaft and rotary assembly are connected so that it can function correctly.


Bearings are used to perform the movement in powerful rotary unions; it can be rotational or linear. So, bearings are also necessary due to its property to support the rotation. However, bearings size and numbers are not fixed.


A seal is installed to avoid leakage from something. As we know, powerful rotary unions give passage to some fluid within the machinery, so a seal is essential to prevent any leakage in a rotary union.

Where Are High-Pressure Rotary Unions Used?

Almost every electromechanical machine requires a rotary union to transfer a medium. If we go to market, we may find plenty of devices that may works the same way as moving unions, but still, most people recommend using powerful rotary unions due to its accuracy and standard size. Let’s see the number of heavy machines in which rotary unions are used.

Heavy Cranes:

Ever observed a crane lift overwhelming items? Crane doesn’t merely convey the articles yet also turn to changing its side. Do you think how a crane functions? The instrument is hydraulic powered. Rotary union is utilized for transferal of various oils that empowers the crane to pivot and lift parts.


Common significant use of rotary associations is the way toward mining. Mining hardware, for example, coal vehicles and penetrating openings cannot be worked without high weight associations in them.


Each capacity in autos that incorporates liquids cannot be managed without powerful rotary unions. Instances of such tasks are snake development with drizzle.

Auto Car drizzling:

In programmed vehicle washing, the cleanser is communicated towards the brushes which move in a circular motion. This system requires at least one rotary association.

Rural application:

In agribusiness, collecting hardware, for example, tractors and threshers have rotary associations in them. Aside from gathering, rotary associations are additionally introduced in the equipment that is utilized for further preparing of grain.

Printing Press:

In printers, mover associations are utilized in ink thrillers. For imprinting on the motion of papers, this gadget is additionally used.

High-Pressure Rotary Unions are used in various small or large scale machinery but we’ve highlighted essential uses of rotary unions for the clarification and understanding of its functions.

Best series of High-pressure rotary union:

Some high pressure rotary unions along with their company name and model is below for your reference:

Moflon MHPS models – It is fabricating rotary unions tending to deal with 20000 PSI pressure. They have against consumption things which are working best in seaward circumstances, for example, seaward cranes.

DSTI 1900 models – These powerful 20000 PSI pressure they have rotary unions are good for oils or water driving medium. The power propensity: 20000 PSI, the most extreme speed of it is 50RPM (rotation per min).

SRS OHP models – These rotating associations have accompanying qualities: powered many type of Flow packs, and Anti-resistance.

DSTI HPS models – Pressure inclination of its 20000 PSI, The maximum. Speed 50RPM.

Final thoughts:

There are multiple factors on which a rotary union depends; some of the elements are temperature, the altitude of machinery and pressure of a fluid. So, properly analyze your situation of work, your temperature conditions then buy a perfect rotary union that suits your motor.

Did you think that it’s supportive? If you are thinking we’ve passed up a great opportunity anything about powerful rotary unions. Do tell us. If you want any inquiry that is causing inconvenience while picking the best version for machine, you can counsel us. We’d be glad to help you further.


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