Higher Education In Turkey: All You Need to Know

When choosing a place for higher education abroad, many parents choose the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada. Turkey is considered at the last minute or not taken into account at all. But studying in this country has several advantages, not the least of which is the financial benefit. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at the educational system of Turkey. In this article, we will describe all the questionable moments you need to know about education in Turkey.

Higher education in Turkey

There are many different educational establishments in Turkey. Let’s talk about universities. There are more than 150 universities in the country, about a third of them are private, the rest belong to the public universities of Turkey. All universities provide quality educational services that meet international standards. Turkish degrees are highly valued in the United States and European countries.

Today the country successfully has more than 58 thousand higher education programs in a wide variety of specialties, so prospective applicants will have plenty to choose from. In general, education is not free, but talented and promising students still have the opportunity to study on a state-financed basis.

The “TurkiyeBurslari” program operates in Turkey, which hundreds of thousands of applicants want to use each year, but only ten thousand get this opportunity. According to this program, there will be free

  • Board and lodging in a dormitory;
  • Use of public transportation;
  • Educational program;
  • Airline tickets from home to the city where the university is located;
  • A monthly scholarship of 450 liras

A further study with high performance can receive additional scholarships, as well as an opportunity to win grants.

Do I need to know Turkish?

To enroll in the university you’ll need to pass the test for Turkish language knowledge. To learn English or Turkish you can take special education courses.

These courses give you a basic knowledge of the language as well as training for

university entrance exams. In some courses, you can learn two languages – Turkish and English – at the same time. The cost of such classes starts from $85 per week.

When a foreigner chooses an educational institution, it is necessary to

Familiarize yourself with all the conditions and nuances of the university. Each Turkish university has its website. And to find out all the information you can on the website of the university and educational program you have chosen.

How much does it cost?

The tuition fees charged by both universities and institutes in Turkey are lower at public institutions than at private ones. The cost of education at public universities has not changed over the past few years.

Public universities in Turkey offer the following tuition fees per year:

  • when you are studying with the Turkish language: $80 – $250 – for Turkish citizens, $400 – $10000 – for foreign citizens;
  • when you are studying with the English language: $150-500 – for Turkish citizens, $500 – 20.000 – for foreign citizens.

Additional costs

The cost of education per year in private universities ranges from $5,000 to $12,000, and each semester will require an additional $100-$150 for books and various contributions. In addition to these costs, students need around $300-$400 per month for a living.

If students live in a dormitory, they will need $300 to pay for this housing, and if they rent a home they will need around $500.

Also, don’t dismiss another option – the purchase of Turkish property. Many students, having studied in this country, want to stay there forever. Therefore, having teamed up with the family, they collect finances for the purchase of housing. Often, an apartment or house in Turkey costs the same money as real estate at home, and sometimes even cheaper.

How to enroll in Turkish universities?

Young people who decide to become students of universities in Turkey must have a secondary education certificate. Also, foreign applicants must pass the entrance exam (YÖS), which consists of two tests, one of which is a test that checks their basic knowledge. In this test, explanations are given in both English and Turkish. The questions of the second test, on the other hand, determine the depth of knowledge of written Turkish.


Many parents do not consider Turkey when choosing a place of education for their children because of the cultural and religious features of the country. The departure of a child to another country is not only an exciting and joyful event but also stressful for their families. And it is not only in fear of a long separation from their beloved child.

Often parents are afraid that their children will have trouble settling in a new place, especially if it is so different from their homeland. In this case, there is nothing to worry about, because in Turkey there is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and locals are always happy to welcome foreign visitors. The country is tolerant of representatives of all faiths and nationalities, so students from India will not feel uncomfortable.


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