Himachal | Bus Falls in River in District Shimla, 44 Dead (Updated)

Himachal Pradesh’s Shimla District once again made it to headlines in a terrifying incident when a bus ferrying over 50 passengers plunged into the river in which 44 are declared dead while others succumbing to severe injuries. The bus accident has shook the entire Shimla District of Himachal Pradesh owing to causing heavy casualties. Lots of innocent lives went at stake as the horrifying incident took place in an utter unexpected manner on Wednesday.

About the Himachal Bus accident

The bus accident took place when a private bus fell off in the river near the Nerwa area of Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. The private bus is known to run from Vikasnagar in Uttarakhand to the destination in Himachal on a daily basis ferrying localities to and fro. The daily travellers preferred the same bus which had a tragic accident on the Uttarakhand-Himachal border of the terrirtory.

While en route, the bus had skid off from the mountainous region and fell into the Tons river which runs through the route too. The river is supposedly the largest tributary of Yamuna river which runs through the Garhwal region in Uttarakhand via Himachal Pradesh.  Post skidding, the bus fell down by around 250 metres before finally splashing into the Tons river.

About Deceased people and Survivors

Taking innocent lives of 44 passengers out of 56 who were en route to Tuni in Himachal Pradesh, the sad incident has shaken many of from their complacency. Take a look at the numbers and if they don’t bother you, do not know what shall.

  • 44 passengers killed out of 56 people travelling
  • Amongst deceased 10 women, 3 children and 31 men
  • 40 bodies got recovered from the accident site
  • Rest are believed to be floating in the river, waiting to be fished out
  • Bus rolled over around 250 metres down the hilly terrain
  • The incident took place at around 200 km from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
  • Bus conductor amongst 12 survivors identified

Cause of the Bus accident in Himachal

Though no immediate cause of the accident could be cited but there have been many speculations about the same. Cited reasons like,

  • Obsolete areas
  • Remoteness of the site
  • No good road network
  • Poor developmental works

Backwardness in the developmental forte has been cited as the major factor that could have led to the tragic incident in Himachal Pradesh.Rescue teams reached the accident in no time to aid the survivors and fish out the bodies of the deceased. Moreover, CM of Himachal has also promised to deliver immediate treatments to survivors and necessary compensation the relatives of the deceased as part of their compensation.

The big question here arises is that, Do we really need money as a compensation for human lives after they are gone or the same money to be invested as a part of precautionary measures to not let such tragic deaths and incidents happen in the future ??? The never ending wait for the answers to such questions continue and all we do is “RIP” the world.

Image Source = Financialexpress

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