Himachal is The Least Corrupt State in India While Karnataka The Highest – Survey

Himachal Pradesh has been rated as the least corrupt state in India. In a survey conducted by the CMS-Indian Corruption Study(CMS-ICS) 2017, the level of corruption in India has been estimated and it is lower as compared to the previous year.

The sectors in which corruption is still prevalent and about one-third of households experienced it at least once in the last year are the public sectors. A total of Rs 6,350 crore has been paid as bribe by the Indian households for public services in last one year. The people has even paid petty bribes of Rs 10 to get their work done.

The Survey & The Public

In 2005, around 53% of the households reportedly became the victims of bribery. In 2017 around 43% of households suggested the surveyors that the level of corruption has not decreased so far, while 73% of public has realized that it has fairly dropped as compared to the year 2005.

In 2005 the amount paid by the households in India as bribe was Rs 20,500 crore, while in 2017 the estimated amount paid is Rs 6,350 in public sectors so far.

A significant decline has been seen in public services such as police and judicial, comparing to 2005.

The amount paid by the public in 20 states for 10 various public services is given below:

  • From as low as Rs 10 to Rs 50,000
  • Common amount range is Rs 100- Rs 500
  • Police services-34%
  • Land/Housing-24%
  • Judicial Service-18%
  • Tax-15%
  • PDS-12%

The key reasons for practicing bribe in public sectors that are categorised in general are:

  • procedural
  • payment evasion
  • documentation related
  • dependency on service provider

Corruption Levels On State Basis

The list of the most corrupt states to the lesser ones during the last year is as follows:

  1. Karnataka- 77%
  2. Andhara Pradesh- 74%
  3. Tamil Nadu- 68%
  4. Maharashtra- 57% (in 2005 39%)
  5. J&K- 44%
  6. Punjab- 42%

In 2005 the most corrupted states were:

  • Bihar- 74%
  • J&K- 69%
  • Odisha- 60%
  • Rajasthan- 59%
  • Tamil Nadu- 59%

The states that have seen a drastic fall in its level of corruption are:

  • Himachal Pradesh- 3%
  • Kerala- 4% (as compared to 2005 35%)
  • Chhattisgarh- 13%

Nevertheless, according to an International survey, our India has been ranked 9th among 41 countries of the world in conducting corrupt practices in businesses.

Source- ZeeNews


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