Himachal Pradesh | Six Killed as Car Falls Into Gorge in Shimla District

A car accident in district Shimla of Himachal Pradesh killed six passengers travelling in it as the car fell into a gorge near Nerwa area. The shocking accident happened in the wee hours of Tuesday when a private car ferrying six passengers who were returning from a marriage party.

The misfortune had cast its spell over innocent lives who had come from a gala event to never see the morning light ever again in their lives. The car was coming from Kuthar and was gong to Manahu area of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh.

About the Incident 

  • The mishap occurred during the late night dark hours on Tuesday in a tragic outcome of engulfing innocent lives.
  • The horrifying accident occurred when the car fell into a 300 metre deep gorge lying near Eda panchayatghar.
  • Soon after the mishap occurred, police reached the spot in no time only to realise that none of the passengers travelling in the car were alive.
  • The rescue operation was carried out by the police with the aid of local residents which only could fish out the bodies to their utter shock as all the occupants suffered “on-the spot” fatality after the accident.

About the Deceased occupants

Even after soon springing into action, police could not rescue any one alive as the fate of their destiny was already written. All the six deceased people have been identified though identification of driver took a lot of time and could not be done till the entire report was filed. The occupants who died in the terrifying incident are known to hail from local and regional areas of Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh only. Here’s a list of all those who could not survive the calamity.

  • Balwant aged 42 years belonging to Bajah area
  • Bansi Lal of Chenjan area aged 36 years
  • Kanwar pal aged 35 years hailing from Chenjan
  • Surat Singh of Janog area of 46 years of age
  • Manohar Singh aged 36 years of Chehad area
  • All the above deceased belonged to Tikkri panchayat of Nerwa area, Shimla district
  • Apart from the above deceased, bus driver hailing from Chamba district

Speculations about the mishap

Although a case has been registered by the police officials of the area but the exact reason behind the ill-fated accident could not be ascertained. Investigations to find out the exact cause of the accident are on in full swing. Meanwhile, the bodies of all the six occupants of the car are sent to conduct an autopsy.

A fortnight ago, similar accident of a bus engulfed around 44 innocent lives. There must be something really wrong in the area that many accidents like these in recent past have made people develop the fear of travelling in hilly areas due to the unsafe roads and bends that the valley encounters. Moreover, protective measures need to be installed to prevent the falling of vehicles into deep valleys which roll down leading to severe injuries to travellers.

The sooner the better because the escalating graph of rising number of such incidents are indeed frightening even at the thought of it.

Source : TOI, Image Source = Amar Ujala

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