Himachal Pradesh To Spend On Health Care Facilities For Residents

Located in North India, Himachal Pradesh is home to scenic mountain towns and resorts. Himachal Pradesh state is also known as ” The Hill State”. Himachal Pradesh is focusing more on the health care facilities for its residents. According to the sources, the state of Himachal Pradesh is spending Rs. 26000 per capita on health.

On Tuesday, Kaul Singh, The Health Minister said in the assembly that it is the highest in the country and the budget allocation is 1.43% of the State Gross Domestic Product. There was a debate on demand for grants for health in the assembly and Mr. Singh said that they are spending Rs. 26000 per capita on health which is the highest in India.

Himachal Pradesh Has Best Medical Facilities

Mr. Singh said that after Delhi, Himachal is the only state who provides the best medical facilities in India. Mr. Singh also said that the health budget is 1.43% of the State State Gross Domestic Product. There were a lot of arguments between Mr. Singh and opposition BJP Mohinder Singh Thakur when Mr. Singh gave an answer to the debate.

There were allegations earlier from Mr. Thakur that the funds were being misused which were allocated by the Central government for providing health care. However, Mr. Singh refuted the allegation.

The BJP member also said that the government has been focusing on opening six medical colleges in Himachal Pradesh.

Heated Arguments For Allocating Funds

There were a lot of arguments between Mr. Singh and the opposition party for allocating funds for health care facilities. Mr. Singh said that as per the recent registration survey the infant mortality rate in Himachal Pradesh has gone down to 28% from 36%.

Mr. Prem Kumar Dhumal, leader of the opposition said that Himachal state has not been utilizing the funds properly which allocated to them by the Central government for healthcare facilities. There has been a shortage of doctors and the medical staff in the government hospitals and dispensaries.

The opposition walked out and protested over the downturn in health services in Himachal Pradesh.

We hope that Himachal Pradesh would come up with more advanced Health Care Facilities

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