Unemployed Youth of Himachal Pradesh to Get Monthly Allowance From Govt.

Himachal Pradesh CM in a great effort for the state has launched “Unemployment Allowance Scheme” on the auspicious occasion of Himachal Day celebrations. The jobless youth of the state now have a shoulder to rely on under the “Unemployment Allowance Policy” wherein Himachal government would give away allowance in the form of cash.

This initiative certainly would benefit the young population of Himachal state which is driven to the state of depression and frustration with the lack of job opportunities in the state.

About the “Unemployment Allowance Scheme”

The scheme has been launched on the occasion of the celebration of “70th Himachal Day” wherein CM of Himachal Pradesh hoisted the National Flag and observed the day in great awe and respect. Taking Himachal to higher levels of development, the “Unemployment Allowance Scheme” was announced.

Under the scheme, monetary allowances would be granted by the government in the form of cheques to deserving candidates of the state. Ten beneficiaries were given INR 1000 each while observing the celebrations by the CM of the state.

Himachal Pradesh Unemployment Allowance Scheme

Youth meeting the following criteria could take benefit of the scheme if they are not able to find jobs to earn their livelihood:

  • Candidates who have passed their class XII to get INR 1000 per month
  • Candidates who have done their intermediate level of education or above to get INR 1000 per month
  • Candidates who are disabled to get INR 1500 per month

Development Plans for Himachal

There were a few other promises given out by the Himachal Pradesh’s CM in his speech while observing such an important day to make the occasion fruitful for the general population of the state. Here’s what Himachal is going to get as per what CM of the state promises.

  • Unemployment Allowance for its deserving qualified jobless youth of INR 1000 per month
  • Unemployment Allowance for Disabled youth of the state of INR 1500 per month to be granted
  • Regularisation of jobs for contractual employees of 3 years and more service of the state
  • Decrease in the regularisation period from 5 years to 3 years
  • Classes in the Chamba medical college, soon to commence
  • Huge step towards achieving the “Mission Repeat” goal by Himachal government
  • Installation of a passenger lift at the Bhalei mata mandir in Dalhousie, Himachal
  • Quality education described as the need of the hour
  • Education of girl child near their hometowns, a priority

Achieved Goals of the State

Himachal Pradesh boasts of having achieved a lot in terms of educational and infrastructural development and Here’s what the data and statistics show.

  • INR 500 cr allotted to skill development allowance scheme by the state government
  • 42 New colleges to existing 77 colleges in the state
  • Connection of 3,138 out of total 3,226 panchayats of the state via motorable roads
  • Work in progress to connect left out 74 panchayats of the state
  • Construction of over 2000 km of new roads and 204 bridges in last four years
  • Provision of road connectivity to 864 villages of the state
  • Present total road length in the state estimated to be 37000 km

Developments that occur in the state are astonishingly great. The unbelievable statistics and commendable achievements, Himachal goes by the jargon, “If you’ve got it, then flaunt it.”

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