Himachal Will Soon Have A Kargil War Memorial And It’s Amazing

Himachal will soon be having a unique Kargil war memorial. The Kargil war between India and Pakistan took place from May to June in 1999. India won the Kargil war and regained the possession of Kargil. This unique Kargil war memorial will have an action scene from the Kargil war. The Kargil war memorial in Himachal will also a scene where Indian soldiers are hoisting the Indian flag. The Kargil war memorial will be in the same style as Rock garden, created by Nek Chand.

The Kargil war memorial at Palampur in Himachal Pradesh will be created to honour martyr Captain Saurabh Kalia who was captured by the Pakistanis during the Kargil War. Himachal’s Kargil war memorial will be created by New Chand’s son Anuj Saini.

Kargil War Memorial At Palampur, Himachal Pradesh 

The war memorial will have 63 figures which will depict the Indian army and men from Pakistan’s side will be shown wearing green and black kurtas. The figures at the Kargil war memorial will be created with concrete and waste ceramic tiles.

At the Kargil War memorial, Captain Saurabh Kalia is shown in the front and then the Kargil war scene begins. Anuj Saini, New Chand’s son said that the war memorial depicts how the Indian army men are running towards Tiger Hill and they are later attacked by the Pakistanis. Some members of the Indian army are shown crawling, some are shown fighting with the Pakistanis. The sculptures at the Kargil war memorial are 5-6 ft tall.

Arjun Saini’s Way Of Saluting The Indian Army

Arjun Saini, son of Nek Chand and also the creator of Kargil war memorial in Himachal said that the war memorial has been constructed to show the people of India what the Army men go through. He said that he and his team have worked hard on this project for past 12 months.

New Chand, the creator of famous Rock Garden in Chandigarh was invited by the Himachal government to create a Kargil war memorial at Saurabh Van. After Nek Chand’s demise on June 12, 2015, his son Anuj Saini took over the project. Rs. 40 lakh from MPLAD fund had been spent on the Kargil war memorial project. The BJP MP from Palampur said that the Kargil war memorial project was a long pending dream and will soon be inaugurated now.

Jai Hind!

Source: The Indian Express

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