This Himachali Nati Flashmob Video at Elante Mall Chandigarh is a Must Watch

You might have heard the word Flashmob and it is possible that you might also have heard Nati – the Himachali dance. Ever imagined a Nati flashmob? Well, this video shot at Elante mall in Chandigarh is all about Nati performance in a group that too as a flashmob.

The event dates back to the anniversary celebrations of Elante Mall Chandigarh and has become the most talked about event since it was first time that Nati was performed at Elante.,

Nati Flash Mob at Elante, Chandigarh

Himachali based dance form Nati was performed by a group of girls in flash mob at ground floor of Elante Mall, Chandigarh. They performed nati on proper Himachli songs. Although they did not wear official dress of nati, still the group of girls tried their best to give actually look of nati to the audience. People present there loved the performance and showed their love to Himachali nati by hooting and cheering.

Please click the video to see Nati flash mob that happened in Elante, Chandigarh.

What is Nati?

Nati is a traditional dance form of Himachal Pradesh. There are different types of nati’s which are popular in Himachal Pradesh. All the different forms of nati have unique costumes, ornaments, songs and instrumental music. Every district of Himachal Pradesh has its own importance of Nati.   Himachali’s perform nati during festivals and fairs.

It is also popular in Chandigarh as youth perform nati in various cultural programmes. Nati is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as largest folk dance. It was listed in the second week of January 2016 as the largest folk dance in terms of the number of participants.

If you wish to experience Himachali Nati, what better way than watching it at Elante? Watch the video above once again and enjoy the tune.

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