Hinduja Group Launches Cable Services in Punjab in Competition With Fastway

The Hinduja Group announced its cable operations in Punjab and Chandigarh. The group while making the announcement claimed that its venture will open up avenues not for the new cable operators but for the existing cable operators as well who want to continue the ownership of their network.

Hinduja Group Cable in Punjab Region

Hinduja group’s foray in the Punjab region is the greatest threat to the Fastway cable network that has already smeared in controversies. Besides this, the cable network by Hinduja will break Fastway’s monopoly in the market. The cable services will be available under the label NXT Digital which is the latest addition to the Hinduja Group of companies. The cable services will have state-of-the-art technology for digital TV viewing. According to the company the prime focus of Hinduja group’s cable services is to ensure that the viewers receive uninterrupted and world class TV viewing experience that are economically priced.

Not in the race to compete

Backed with oodles of confidence the Hinduja Group is confident of their technologies well as the business model that they have introduced. India is on the verge of a digital revolution and our endeavour — NXT Digital promises to deliver world class technology to offer the best TV viewing experience Our services will be coupled with cost effective payment systems. The Hinduja Group is confident of their services that it will soon be in a position to capture a major market share by providing the world class quality services at cheapest cost. The group believes that it will focus more on deepening their base rather wasting their efforts to take away somebody’s base. The smart revenue pre-paid model, that will be a part of the business, is poised to create a new benchmark in the digital TV market. NXT digital, Hinduja Group’s latest endeavour, will also facilitate businesses to reach the next level that can churn maximum returns with minimum investment.

What is the strength of Hinduja Group’s Cable Services

The major strength of the Hinduja group is its vast reach. The Hinduja Group boasts of its presence across the length and breadth of India. Be it Kargil or Rajasthan desert or the Andaman or Nicobar islands the group has its services everywhere. What adds to its features is the 24×7 access to the channels because weather does not pose any threat to the services unlike DTH operators.

Source: Indiatoday


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