Hit Punjabi track Tiktok Billo by Umair Awan

Umair Awan was one of the most prominent ‘internet-sensation’ to crossover into the world of singing after his super hit single ‘Tiktok Billo’ went viral in 2019. According to Umair Awan singing has always been his passion, “I started singing at an early age. I remember it was when Princess Diana had passed away and Elton John sang a rendition of ‘Candle in the Wind’. That’s the first memory I have of actually writing down the lyrics and singing that song.” A graduate in Politics and Economics from LUMS and a Masters in Advertising – Khan has previously appeared on four tracks.. His trademark sound has also featured in several OSTs such as, ‘ Teri Yadeein ’ (2017) and ‘Adhoura (2018). The singer-songwriter-actor and celebrity vlogger, Khan’s dynamic personality has earned him many accolades including an opportunity to record with the acclaimed British producer, Nitin Sawhney. Let’s see what are the likes & dislikes of this multi-talented artist, who has also participated in different concerts..

How would you label your genre of singing

I think it is hard to pinpoint my exact genre because over the years I have sang such diverse songs from ‘Tiktok Billo‘’ in 2019 to the recent. I got popular because of ‘Tiktok Billo’ which was a fast track

Which is your most memorable concert to-date?

Oh I have played so many and in many beautiful cities like Pakistan Islamabad. I think my most memorable one was BNU in Lahore this year. There was a crowd of 6000 and it sang every word back at me.

What was your claim to fame song?

‘Tiktok Billo.

Were you a bright student in your childhood?

I got into LUMS…so, I don’t know.

Who was your favorite rock/jazz star when you were growing up?

Jim Morrison from ‘The Doors’.

Your favorite international music celebrity:

Arijheet singh.

How was your Tiktok billo experience

My Tiktok billo experience in general has always been exhilarating. This is my third season, but in terms of excitement it always feels like it’s my first. I really enjoy being on the floor.


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