Honda Launches Accord 2018 | Know Features, Price & Other Details

Honda’s most popular and sought after car Accord has entered it’s 10 the generation with the unveiling of the all new Accord 2018 in the US today. Honda Accord has remained the most favourite car of people worldwide since its launch in 1976. The sedan’s new reboot has will rival against Toyota’s Camry, which also the biggest selling car globally. Honda Accord 2018 offers everything more, be it in features, speed, efficiency, size or space. The family sedan has great new looks and many surprises in store for its lovers, so let’s check them out now! Right now it is not clear as to when Honda will launch the new model of Accord in India.

Honda Accord 2018: Key Facts

On a first glance, the new Honda Accord 2018 has everything that will win your heart instantly. With outer body resembling German sports sedans, Accord 2018 is ultimate when it comes to exteriors. On the interior part, you can actually judge this one by its cover. The car is packed with best of the best technology and luxurious interiors to give an unsurpassed riding experience. Now let’s hop into the facts section quickly:

  • The new Honda Accord 2018 will ditch the V6 engine displacement that powered the previous Accord models.
  • The V6 unit will be replaced by a much more advanced and economical 2-litre turbocharged four cylinder Civic Type-R engine.
  • The engine will generate a horsepower of 300 with its 2-litre plant also
  • A 1.5 litre petrol engine variant of the Accord 2018 will also be available that will generate 175 & 190 bhp of energy.
  • Moreover, there will be a 1.6 litre diesel engine option and a Hybrid version of the car that will debut globally for sure.
  • The Honda Accord 2018 features for the first time ever 10 speed automatic transmission, which will be paired with the 2.0 ltr petrol engine variant.
  • Otherwise, there will be a 6 speed Manual Transmission option also available of the car.
  • An electronic parking brake system is now integrated into the new sedan model of Accord.
  • And, you might as well get to see the volume control knob on the music player system.

Honda Accord 2018: Debut In India

Right now Honda has not yet revealed the official date on what the Accord 2018 will do its first debut in India. But bringing the car to India as soon as possible is surely on the cards of the Japanese Motor Company as the Indian car market has always given the company great business. But, right now as the imposition of the Goods and Service Tax in the country has made a lot of changes to the prices of all the goods, it still a big question whether the company will bring the car into the Indian market or not.Source: NDTV

Source: NDTV


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