New Honda Activa 5G – Price & Features Compared with Activa 4G and TVS Jupiter

Although the Honda Activa 5G is a favorite in the segment, the price might make a difference to the value conscious buyer.

Honda Activa 5G has finally been launched in India after being the centre of attraction at the Auto Expo last month. The Activa which actually started off things with a storm in the gearless two wheeler segment in India now comes with a respectable feature set according to 2018 standards. The competition for Honda Activa 5G has only gotten stiffer in the segment and we even have gearless scooters with Bluetooth enabled infotainment display clusters today. However, Honda has always been able to keep the Activa relevant by giving it constant upgrades and the 5G model is another attempt at the same.

What Does The Honda Activa 5G Get Over The 4G Model?

When it comes to the looks and styling front then the Honda Activa 5G trumps the outgoing model with better chrome inserts on the front accompanied by a whole set of new color options. While a whole lot of cars have been boasting of LED headlamps in their feature set for years, the Activa 5G by Honda is the first one of the competition to get the same. Comfort side of things one minor upgrade is that you no longer need to take your keys out from the ignition lock to open the boot and can now unlock it straight from a switch next to the ignition.

Honda Activa 5G comes with an addition of front and rear hooks which come in handy on your trip to the farmer’s market. The digital cum analogue instrument cluster along with showing you speed and economy pace can also notify you when you need to get your Honda Activa 5G serviced.

Honda Activa 5G Price India

Coming to the price, the Honda Activa 5G carries a price tag of 52,460 Rupees in India.

That is a marginal increase of 1,000 Rupees than the model it replaces. The closest competition comes from the immensely popular TVS Jupiter which is cheaper by up to 2,500 Rupees.

Although not exactly significant, it will make a difference to the price conscious buyer in the segment. Do not that the abovementioned price is for the standard model and if you wish to own a DLX model then get ready to shed 54,325 Rupees for your Honda Activa 5G.


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