Honda Activa Managed to Get 20 Lakh Scooter Sales in Just 7 Months | Here’s How

There is still time for New Year’s but the celebrations over at Honda have started already. The news broke out this morning that Honda has managed to sell over 20 lakh Activa scooters in India in just a matter of 7 months. While the Honda Activa was already one of the most selling two-wheelers in the country, selling 20 lakh units in a matter of months is another milestone in itself. The Honda Activa was the sole reason for the success of gearless scooters in the country and it still somehow manages to retain the top spot.

What all goes in the favour of Honda Activa?

The Honda Activa is not the only good selling gearless scooters in the Indian market but it is still miles ahead of any competition. Let’s have a look at why over 20 lakh people trusted the Honda Activa in seven months.

Honda was the earliest in the competition

Honda Activa was launched in 2001 at a time when only a few other Kinetic badged scooters were available in the gearless scooter market. Even before that the Kinetic scooters were made jointly with Honda and it was pretty evident what future Honda had predicted for the Indian market.

The Activa Was The Only Gearless Scooter To Catch The Fancy Of Male Customers

The gearless scooters before the Honda Activa were pretty much targeted at the women buyers. They had light body weight and thin frames which just could not connect with the male buyer. However, with the Activa Honda went ahead with minimalistic styling and a thicker body than the competition. Great marketing efforts were also made to chip in the ides of a gearless scooter to the men folk.

Stronger Engine In The Class

It would be wrong to call that the Honda Activa had the strongest engine in the competition since there was no competition at all. The Activa made its debut with a 100cc engine with power figures close to 8BHP which helped the customers to look at the gearless scooter by Honda with a different eye.

Consistent Updates in the Honda Activa

With the evolution of the gearless scooter market more competition in the form of TVS Jupiter, Suzuki Access and the Scooty Pep was headed for the Honda Activa. With each of them bringing some first in class engines, Honda used to quickly update the Activa before it got outdated. Even to this day Honda Activa receives an update almost every two years.

Source: Hindu Business Line

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