Honda’s New 400cc Cruiser To Take On Royal Enfield 350cc and 500cc Motorcycles

Royal Enfield has been the only player in the 300-600cc cruiser market and this is the reason it has managed to sell its bikes like hot cakes in India. But if the news from entire past week is any indication, things might drastically change for Royal Enfield. Honda CEO has confirmed three cruisers for India with 300cc, 400cc, and 600cc engine options that will be priced in the same bracket as the Royal Enfield in India. Even Norton, Husqvarna are developing similar cruisers.

Honda Cruiser To Make A Dent In The Sales Of Royal Enfield.

Honda India Head has confirmed the company will enter the cruiser market in India slowly over the next few years and develop cruisers that will challenge the Royal Enfield motorcycles in India. The only driving force for the sales of Royal Enfield in India has been the lack of competition and when a more advanced company like Honda Motorcycles enters this segment it will be interesting to see how the bullet holds its own.

Honda cruisers will come in different engine capacities ranging from 300-600cc which ensures all the Royal Enfield motorcycles will face tough competition. British manufacturer Norton has also tied up with Kinetic Motor Royale to bring bikes in the same 300-700cc segment. Royal Enfield’s worries do not stop there though.

Apart from Honda, Mahindra is also bringing the iconic Jawa Motorcycle all the way to India and plans to price the bike similarly. We still think Honda might be the biggest reason for Royal Enfield to change its strategies in the Indian Market. Honda’s technology is far more advanced than that of Royal Enfield and also offers better reliability than the bullet manufacturer.

Pricing is the key factor for Honda Cruiser Bikes

Honda cruisers that will come to India to rival the Royal Enfield Motorcycles seems to have a big advantage already. The Honda India head announced that the upcoming cruiser will share most of its parts with the CBR 250 which is manufactured here locally in India. This will help the company to price the cruiser in the same price bracket as that of the Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Source: Cartoq

Norton Motorcycles to Rival Royal Enfield in India With Kinetic Motor Royale


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