Honda Grazia Is A Favourite Among The Indians Already | 15,000 Sold In Three Weeks

Honda has been on the forefront of the gearless scooter segment in the Indian market and models like Activa are proof that is also the best. Well, with the Honda Grazia the company is trying to prove that it has not stopped experimenting yet. The Grazia comes with futuristic design and features which make it the most advanced Honda scooter in India. Well, the Honda Grazia has achieved 15,000 sales already in just a matter of 21 days and needless to say it looks like the Indian customers are in love with the scooter already.

What makes the Honda Grazia stand apart from the crowd?

The Honda Grazia is based on the same engine from the Activa but takes things a notch higher when it comes to appeal. The 125cc engine from Honda makes 8.6BHP of peak power which makes your daily commute easy and honestly the Grazia is not trying to get into the performance category anyway. It gets an all LED headlamp design which is a first in the segment and a futuristic instrument cluster.

The Honda Grazia also comes with four step lock which also unlocks your boot under the seat. An optional phone charging option is also available and can be had at a little extra cost. Its the design where the Honda Grazia gets too ambitious. The cuts and creases help the gearless Honda scooter to appeal to a younger generation who are way too fun for the Honda Activa.

Price of the Honda Grazia

Honda Grazia’s sibling Activa has been the most successful gearless scooter in the Indian market and recently just touched the milestone of hitting 20 lakh sales in a matter of 7 months. With the launch of the Grazia the company wanted to appeal to the younger generation or to people who are looking for something fun instead.

Scooters like the Yamaha Ray and the Aprillia already cater to this audience and have had a pretty successful stint at the same. At 57,900 Rupees in India, the Honda Grazia is bringing fun and tech both to the audience who was looking at the Ray as a better looking scooter before.

Source: TimesOfIndia

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