Here’s The Couple Who Gave Shelter to Honeypreet Insan | Police Recovers Honeypreet’s iPhone and Laptop

Here’s the couple that provided shelter to Honeypreet Insan when she was absconding. The Panchkula police have already arrested Sukhdeep Kaur the female associate while the police are now looking into the role of her husband Iqbal Singh. As per a report, Sukhdeep Kaur is currently in prison and was arrested with Honeypreet Insan while they were travelling in the Toyota Innova car.

It has been reported that the couple made arrangements for Honeypreet Insan’s stay at Jangirana village.

Honeypreet Insan stayed here

As per the report, Honeypreet Insan stayed in the house in the village which is owned by Iqbal Singh’s cousin. Iqbal Singh, Sukhdeep Kaur’s husband, hails from a village in Bathinda, but was currently staying in Sirsa for last one decade.

The Panchkula police found that Iqbal Singh is the owner of the house in Bathinda and it is speculated that Honypreet Insan must have stayed in the house for some time. The Haryana Police visited the places with Honeypreet Insan after her arrest but failed to find any concrete pieces of evidence from the locations.

It was during the investigation when the Panchkula police found that Honeypreet Insan’s had stayed at Jangirana village.

Honeypreet entered Ram Rahim’s high-tech gufa, decamped with Dera cash

Honeypreet Insan, adopted daughter of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and his closest aide is reported to have decamped with the cash and valuables that belonged to dera sacha sauda, days before the government authorities launched the sanitisation drive inside the dera premises in Sirsa.

It is suspected that Honeypreet Insan entered Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s ‘gufa’ and ran away with the valuables, cash and other documents. It has also been reported that the ‘Gufa’ was so high-tech that it opened only with the fingerprints. The report suggests, only three people had access to the ‘gufa’ via the high-tech security fingerprint scan. Dera chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim  Singh, his ‘adopted daughter’ Honeypreet Insan and Dera chief’s trusted helper Dharam Singh were the only people who had access to the ‘gufa’.

It is also suspected that as Honeypreet Insan had a free access to the ‘Gufa’ and both Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Dharam Singh were in police custody since August, so she used her fingerprints to open the doors to the gufa and decamped with the cash, important documents and other valuables. A politician is reported to have provided a security cover to Honeypreet Insan to leave the Dera headquarters.

Honeypreet Insan taken to Bathinda

Vipassana Insan, Dera Sacha Sauda Management Committee chairperson reportedly handed over Honeypreet Insan’s iPhone to the Special Investigation Team. It was also reported that Honeypreet Insan gave her mobile phone to Vipassana Insan before she left the dera premises in August.

As per the report, both Vipassana Insan and Honeypreet Insan were questioned face to face where Honeypreet Insan told the special investigation team that her data from the iPhone’s icloud account had been tampered with. Honeypreet Insan also admitted that some data was also missing from the account.

Honeypreet Insan earlier known as Priyanka Taneja, was arrested by the Haryana Police earlier this month while she was traveling in an Innova car. Honeypreet Insan was absconding since August and after her arrest, she was produced before a court in Panchkula. Recently, the court in Panchkula had extended her police remand till October 13. Aditya Insan, another key aide of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, is still absconding.

Honeypreet Insan left the mobile phone in the Dera

Honeypreet Insan’s phone has finally been submitted to the SIT and it has also been revealed that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s ‘adopted daughter’ Honeypreet Insan had handed over her mobile phone to dera chairperson Vipassana Insan before leaving the dera. Honeypreet Insan had revealed this during her police remand after she was produced before a court.

Honeypreet Insan also stated that she had also left her laptop inside the dera and if it was not in her room in Sirsa, then it would be with Vipassana Insan. The reports also mentioned that details related to the Panchkula violence and the planning part was in the mobile and her laptop. Though the mobile phone has been submitted there are no reports about the laptop.

Cyber experts trying to recover deleted files from Honeypreet Insan’s iPhone

Honeypreet Insan’s iPhone was handed over to the Panchkula police by Vipassana Insan in Panchkula last week. Honeypreet Insan’s iPhone is protected by a finger security guard hence it is suspected that Honeypreet deleted data from her phone herself before handing it over to Vipassana Insan in Sirsa.

During cross-questioning by the Panchkula police, Vipassana Insan admitted that she had no clue about the tampered data in Honypreet’s phone and that she was not aware of the security code of the phone and neither had she access to Honeypreet’s iCloud account.

Honeypreet spends sleepless night in prison

Priyanka Taneja, now Honeypreet Insan, rape convict Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s adopted daughter is reported to be spending sleepless nights in the Ambala central jail. As per the report, Honeypreet Insan skipped her dinner on her first night in the jail. Honeypreet Insan was sent to the Ambala Jail by a Panchkula court after the police remand.

Honeypreet Insan and her aide Sukhdeep Kaur are currently in the Ambala jail and were brought here from Panchkula amid tight security. According to report, both Honeypreet Insan and Sukhdeep Kaur are kept in a high-security women cell in the Ambala jail. Both the jail inmates have been kept in a separate cell and a woman constable has been specially deployed to keep a close eye on both Honeypreet Insan and her aide Sukhdeep Kaur.

Source: The Tribune


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