Honeypreet Insan – Ram Rahim’s “Adopted” Daughter Could Become the Next “Dera Head”

Honeypreet Insan, Ram Rahim’s adopted daughter is the most searched personality online that took the nation by storm. Speculated to be the next Dera Head, the successor to the throne that Guru Ram Rahim left post his arrest made recently after being found guilty of the ‘Rape’, Honeypreet Insan stirred the controversy in the entire media when she was found travelling with the ‘Baba’ on a helipcopter to officially escort him to the jail.

Who is the Honeypreet Insan & How is she related to Baba ?

Royal treatment and relaxation that Guru Ram Rahim got even after being convicted on the allegated rape charges has raised many eyebrows in question in the media as well as among the masses as to who the girl travelling with him on the chopper was? How is the girl related Baba? Who gave her the permission to travel and escort Baba Ram Rahim aka Gurmeet Singh as only CBI officials were supposed to take him away to the Rohtak prison?

Well, bringing an end to all those questions that revolve around our minds in the infamous Ram Rahim Rape Case, the Dera Cheif, Baba Ram Rahim adopted this girl, Priyanaka Tan.eja (real name) as his daughter as Honeypreet Insan (name changed). No sooner than Honeypreet Insan was adopted by Baba, she became his right hand so much so that the next speculated face of Dera Head is hers only. Having worked with Baba in several movies, Honeypreet Insan enjoys more support and powers as compared to Dera Chief, Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s real children.

Priyanka Taneja aka Honeypreet Insan | Broken Marriage & Insights

Hailing from Fatehabad District near Hisar, born as Priyanka Taneja, her biological parents were also followers of ‘Dera Sacha Sauda’. In the year 1999, Baba Ram Rahim married Priyanka Taneja off to Vishwas Gupta who was also a Dera follower at that time. Post the wedding, Priyanka whose name was changed by Baba to HoneyPreet Insan never left the Dera premises to live with her new family. Tensions between the newly wed grew when Vishwas Gupta realised that HoneyPreet Insan would stay at the Dera only and on gathering the facts further he realised that his wife (HoneyPreet Insan) was being sexually exploited by Baba himself.

Vishwas Gupta registered a case against the Baba for the same to get his wife HoneyPreet Insan back which later grew into a scuffle following which HoneyPreet Insan instigated a conspiracy and registered a fresh case of dowry against her in-laws. This led to the official separation i.e. Divorce of the couple (HoneyPreet Insan and Vishwas Gupta) following which Baba Ram Rahim, the Dera Chief adopted HoneyPreet Insan as her right hand and daughter.

Honeypreet Insan | Dera’s Fresh Face as Head

Enjoying more power and being the right hand of Baba Ram Rahim, HoneyPreet Insan is speculated to be the Dera’s next head. The biological kids of Baba who have been sidelined by the adopted daughter HoneyPreet Insan, do have their due share of rigjhts and hold over Baba’s assets but not more than what HoneyPreet Insan has got. This could be corroborated from the fact that she has always been preferred by Baba to head the tasks carried out by the Dera in general. She even directed the movie MSG, which is Baba Ram Rahim’s home production.

Her close proximity to the former Dera Cheif Baba Ram Rahim and active participation in various events that Dera undertook, it is not wrong to say that the though she shared no blood relation with Baba, still HoneyPreet Insan is an inch closer to becoming Dera’s next head over other kin.

Source : IndiaTimes


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