Honeypreet Insan Being Questioned by Panchkula Police | Revels She Was in Bathinda – Know Details

Honeypreet Insan is currently getting interrogated by the Panchkula Police after her arrest yesterday. During the questioning by Police, she admitted that she was living with another Dera follower in Bathinda District who was also taken in, while she was arrested. In the interrogation, Police found out that the lady who she was traveling with helped her stay underground for many days.

Earlier, Panchkula Police arrested the adopted daughter “Honeypreet Insan” of Dera Sacha Suda Chief “Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh” while she was traveling from Guru Sar Modia. She was arrested along with a lady while she was on the Panchkula – Zirakpur Highway.

Honeypreet Insan was Hiding under Sukhdeep’s Roof in Bathinda Said Panchkula Police Commissioner

The lady who was aiding Honeypreet Insan in hiding is Sukhdeep, who herself is a follower of Dera, and has a land and a house in the remote location of Bathinda district. For questioning Honeypreet Insan, Panchkula Police have especially called senior lady police officers from Haryana. After fleeing for 30 days, finally, the police has her under arrest. As per the recent events, Police has passed the arrest orders for all those who aided and abetted Honeypreet Insan in hiding since her run or assisted her in any way.

Interrogation of Honeypreet Insan Still Going on | Special Lady Officers Called From Haryana 

Police Commissioner also stated to media that Honeypreet Insan is not revealing a lot of details, and that is the reason why interrogation is taking so long. She is going to be presented in Court tomorrow at 2:00 PM and till that time, Police states that interrogation will continuously proceed. Although she is not revealing the details, still Panchkula Police is continuously trying to get information out of her.

Along with this, Commissioner also said that all the accompanists of Honeypreet Insan will also face justice for aiding her to hide.

Honeypreet Insan To be Presented in Court Tomorrow at 2:00 PM

Adopted daughter of Gurmeet Ram Raheem Singh, Honeypreet Insan was arrested yesterday along with Sukhdeep, another Dera Follower on road by Haryana Police. According to the Police commissioner, she is going to be presented in court tomorrow at 2:00 PM. Also, Commissioner declared that all those who helped her will face strict legal actions against them.

Stay tuned for more updates on the case.

Source – TOI


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