How Best Spy Apps For Android Helps Control Your Children

There are many ways to survey your kids when they are out and about. However, there are specific apps, and in this article we explain how the best spy apps for Android help with this seemingly daunting task. In today’s society, it may seem impossible for parents to monitor their kids for their safety and wellbeing.

One solution you may not have explored is downloading spy apps. These apps can privately and easily look at what your children are doing at any time, sending information to your phone or device for review. With an app like this, it is impossible for your child to get on the wrong path.

What Is Spyware And What Does It Do

The older generation to use this new-fashioned technology may not be aware of what spyware is. Simply put, spyware is software that can be installed onto a device, corrupt its files, and send the information to another entity. This could be a corporation or even you. Generally, it is meant to be downloaded without the receiver’s knowledge, and thus is hard to detect and remove. Some of the biggest functions that spyware serves for its user is location detection, keystroke logging, and internet search habits.

Spyware apps made specifically for phones are more specialized, can even track/intercept messages and see what other apps are being downloaded on the device. All of these functions are extremely useful for a trouble parent that wishes to protect their child from bad influence, yet cannot seem to decipher or enter their offspring’s phone to check up on them.

How To Install The Best Spy Apps For Android On Your Child’s Phone

At this point, you may already want to learn more about their installation since you realize it is the best choice for surveillance of your child. One of the challenges in getting started is convincing your tricking your children into unknowingly downloading the spyware onto their phone.

The best apps for this function are able to find seamless and easy solutions to this problem, and one of such software is Hoverwatch. All you need is access for a few minutes, and you will be on your way.

Here are the steps.

Step 1. Enable “unknown sources” in Security.

Step 2. Enable Google Play-Store “Play Protect”.

Step 3. Go to the Hoverwatch website ( and then log in to your account, where you will need to select Download for “Add New-Device to Monitor”.

Step 4. Begin the Installation Wizard, and continue to accept the legal terms and permissions.

Step 5. Re-enter your PIN to continue.

Step 6. Allow Usage Tracking and disable Battery Optimization. You will then allow the Screen Sync Service.

Step 7. Finally, click accept, and now you can have peace of mind knowing you can respond to any trouble at a moment’s notice.

Features of Best Spy Apps for Android

Congratulations, you’ve signed up. Now what? The Android versions of these sorts of apps have a LOT of features, and I’ll tell you the best and most basic ones to monitoring your child. Here a few tips to help you get started on any apps, whether it be Hoverwatch or something else.

Check Their Messages And Phone Logs: kids love to text, and are oftentimes clever in hiding their texting by either hiding the app or deleting their conversations altogether. The simple solution is to check out the Messages tab of your monitoring app, allowing you to see everything they’ve sent and received on a continual basis. If you are able to use this information to reprimand and punish your kid, they may think twice about doing it again, especially if they feel they are being watched.

Location Is Key: Sometimes your kids run off without you, and your anxious self remains nervous and on edge until they return home. However, this is definitely not the best outcome, and it will give you closure once you know where they are, and if they should even be there in the first place. Monitor your children’s movements with the GPS location tracker. This feature is always highly accurate on all types of Android spyware apps, and again, is crucial for their safety.

Track Internet History: The Internet can seem daunting and complex to us, but our kids can easily get around it, oftentimes bypassing your restrictions and leaving no trace of what they have been doing on their phone. A browser history tracker on your app easily solves this problem, as all information goes directly to your tracking devices before it can be manipulated by your child. The internet is home to many dangerous topics and temptations, and it is in both of your best interests to make sure your kid stays on the right path to success.

An example of using a spy application

I’m such an outspoken proponent of using spyware apps on your kids because of my own story and experience with them. I had recently downloaded one for my teenage son, and it was only to monitor his web activity. I thought of it as maybe immoral but deemed it necessary to reign in the feisty spirit of adolescence. I had no idea of the event that was going to happen that changed my perception of these apps and make me eternally grateful for their existence.

My son began to act different at home and around, but I had no clue what was happening. I didn’t think I would find any of my answers on my tracking app, so I continued to use it purely for GPS and browsing history. This situation, however, granted something else. I decided to go through call logs and messages, only to find continuous contact with an online counselor and suicide prevention hotlines. I instantly knew what was up, and I found him real support, and he has been forever grateful for my intervention. If I had not had the spyware app, I would not have been able to understand my son’s emotions and keep him safe and get him help.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I cannot thank these software and programs enough. While my story may be dramatic, the best spy apps for Android will most certainly keep your child safe and within the limits you have set for them.

This way, they can ultimately lead healthy and successful lives. Remember, their future depends on you and your ability to guide them in the right direction.


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