How Difficult Is It To Own Cryptocurrencies In Recent Times?

In recent times, every person is more inclined towards earning some extra income by making smart and safe investments. People keep on searching about the platforms that are available on the internet where they can invest their respective sum and earn a good amount of profit. At present Cryptocurrencies have turned out to be the most discussed assets in recent months. It is a currency that can neither be touched nor felt. This type of currency exists in electronic form which may be your phone, computer, or any storage media. Such types of currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. The best fact about this form of currency is that there exists no sovereign authority which can control its functioning, as a result of which Bitcoin’s functioning never gets regulated or interrupted. Bitcoin was introduced way back in the middle of the year 2009 and Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto is the alleged creator of Bitcoin. It was the first such currency to exist digitally and since then many such virtual currencies have come into existence.


Mining performs two purposes:

* Produces new coins;

* Facilitates maintaining a proper check of all the transactions so occurring.

Cryptocurrency mining is a process of producing new coins which requires the application of computers to solve complicated mathematical algorithms or puzzles. As there exists no authority that regulates it, it is completely a decentralized network. Such mining demands the usage of the software that mines cryptocurrencies. Such software takes an average of ten minutes to solve complex mathematical phenomena.

Such a process ends up using a huge amount of electricity because miners use powerful systems to mine blocks and verify transactions. As rewards for their services, miners get the freshly created coins and additionally they get transaction processing fees. The mining of cryptocurrency often depends on electricity generated with fossil fuels. These rising mining prices offer more incentives to miners, and in return, it attracts more people to join the network. If you want to earn passive income, then you can read these reason to considering bitcoin trading


Energy consumption has become the exclusive turning point for cryptocurrency. For so long it has been found that mining is a time-consuming process and the main reason behind it is that there exist certain complex mathematical calculations that need to be sorted first. 


Talking about bitcoin it is the world’s first virtual currency which was created in the year 2009. This requires them to solve complicated mathematical puzzles which are around 64-digit hexadecimal solutions called HASH. As per assessments in bitcoin mining, it imbibes more than 120 Terawatt per year which is 0.6% of the world’s electricity consumption and is more if compared to the annual electricity consumption of countries like Malaysia, Sweden, or Argentina.


  • As per reports, crypto miners depend on a certain degree of renewable energy to power their operations which is just 39% of the mining consumption.
  • Secondly, hydroelectric energy is the most common source universally, and its usage is around 60%.
  • Thirdly the less popular sources in usage are wind and solar energy.


Hence, we can say that mining a cryptocurrency is a great deal of profit. By mining crypto coins, the miners in return get rewarded and also get pleasing incentives which are a great encouragement to do any work. In this digital world of currency, mining would be one of the best options to earn profits. Hope this article would encourage you to enter the world of virtual money-making and have a great future with crypto and positively hope that your earnings get accelerated. Good Luck!


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