How do I Choose a Mattress in India?

Having the right mattress to sleep on is directly proportional to achieving good back health. Any mattress that does not meet your personal comfort needs is just compromising your overall health.

You are likely to feel more tired and drained if you do not have a comfortable and relaxing place to rest on after a long day at work or even travel.

This makes choosing the right mattress mandatory to avoid back issues, tiredness, and have interrupted sleep.

Although everyone’s preference will likely be different, choosing what makes you relaxed is always crucial. And it isn’t that big of a task if you know what all things to look for while choosing the right mattress.

Here we did our bit of research and asked industry experts what we should look for to get a perfect mattress.

Things to Consider while Choosing a Mattress 

A mattress that meets your health needs and budget at the same time is what we all as buyers are looking for. And sometimes, we do tend to get lucky to find one.

So before you even start looking for mattresses, decide your budget and your reason to get a new one.

Consider checking out what things are wrong with your current mattress, so you do not repeat the same mistake twice. Then move ahead and check the things mentioned below to make the right choice.


Buying the best mattress would just be impossible if you pick the wrong size than that of your bed. So this makes it mandatory to measure your bed’s length and breadth appropriately.

Usually, the dimensions of bed and mattress in India differ from that of non-Asian countries. In India, we here get options like King-sized bed, Queen size, Double size, and single size.

So while choosing a mattress, consider checking what your bed is and accordingly get a mattress. If you know what size your bed is, this will become much more easier.


Mattresses in India are no less than a significant investment, so make sure you are investing in nothing but just the best.

The overall durability can be checked by going through overall customer reviews. A durable mattress is one that lasts at least seven to eight-year, obviously depending on how you use it.

Airbed mattress, however, tends to last longer than most of the foam mattress if you are not that of a careful user. They are a lot more durable and have a longer life-span.


Mattresses are available in a large variety. And we know that can often be a lot more confusing than you can imagine.

For choosing the right type of mattress, know what you are expecting out of it and your physical needs.

Like if you plan to invest in a latex mattress, you can be sure they are soft comes with accurate pressure points. This eventually helps by reducing back and neck pain with ease. It also provides essential motion isolation.

On the other hand, foam mattresses have a softer upper surface and several additional layers.

This provides excellent support to the back neck, shoulder, and spinal cord. There are two options in foam currently in the market: memory foam and the other is re-bonded foam.

Apart from this, there are airbed mattresses that are durable, coir mattresses, and spring mattresses.

Make sure to look at what type of mattress you are investing in to have a higher comfort and relaxation level.


Comfort is mandatory, and so is the firmness of the mattress. Having a mattress that is not too hard nor too soft can be highly relaxing.

To get the accurate firmness to know what type of sleeper you are. If you are not really sure what kind of sleeper you are, consider your weight and sleeping position.

Know if you want a soft, extra soft mattress or a hard mattress feels comforting. It just up to you; what you are most likely to enjoy should be the firmness of your mattress.

So always and always honor your personal preferences when it comes to choosing a comfortable mattress for yourself.


Yes, you read that right. Some mattresses are incredibly breathable, and some just aren’t. And you won’t know this unless you are using a less breathable mattress.

Mattresses that are not breathable absorbs your body heat and trap it while you sleep on them. This will likely make you uncomfortable and can even be a bit disturbing.

Hybrid mattresses, however, are always breathable. They promote proper air-circulation and hence are extremely comfortable during summers no matter how hot your city is.

By now, we hope what the basics of mattress for the extraordinary comfort a good mattress tends to provide are.


We know a mattress is capable enough of both making your day wonderful or just as lazy and hazy it can ever be. But we are now also sure choosing the right mattress now would be much more easier.

However, it would still be beneficial to figure out what your old mattress lacks and then get a new one accordingly.

Although everyone’s sleeping pattern and position are different, these tips will still be best for choosing the right sleeping mattress.

Check your favorite brand, its customer reviews, and you have it all sorted. Happy shopping.


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