How Do I Score High Marks In Class 12 physics?

Physics is a branch of science and it is an important subject that is studied separately in higher classes. Students who take science in classes 11 and 12 have to study physics for the board exams as well as to compete for the entrance exams. Therefore, it is a must that students must focus on physics for scoring high marks in the board exams and the competitive exams. Students must understand the different concepts of physics. In this article, we will discuss the ways to prepare for class 12 physics and score high marks. Class 12 is very important for science students as they have to achieve their aim in life. 

Tips to score high marks in class 12 physics

Students of class 12 can follow the tips given in this article to score high marks in class 12 physics. Most students feel that it is difficult to score high marks in physics. But, if they understand the topics and concepts properly they can score high marks. Students must focus on their aim and should concentrate while studying physics. 

The first step is to know the syllabus for class 12 physics. Students should know the syllabus for class 12 physics to start their preparation. They should divide the syllabus into different parts so that they can prepare adequately. They can mark the chapters that they know properly so that they do not have to spend more time revising those chapters during the exams. They should mark the difficult chapters so that they know that they have to focus more on the difficult chapters and have to spare more time to understand the concepts given in the difficult chapters. 

Students make a perfect timetable to cover all the chapters of class 12 physics. They should spend 2-3 hours in physics and should keep a balance in all subjects. They should try to finish at least one chapter per day so that they have sufficient time left for exam preparation and revision. Students should make a flexible timetable that is easy to follow.

Students must study class 12 physics from the NCERT books. Often students ignore NCERT books and try to study physics from other books. In the NCERT books for class 12 physics, all topics are explained in a simple and easy language that is easy to understand. Students must read all chapters from the NCERT books and they should try to solve the questions given at the end of every chapter. Most questions in the board exams are asked from the NCERT books. If students face any difficulty in understanding the concepts of physics from the NCERT books in the English language they can download the Class 12 Physics NCERT Books in Hindi from the internet. They can try to understand the concepts in the Hindi language to score high marks in the exams. 

Students must solve sample papers available on the internet for class 12 physics. They can download the sample papers from the internet to know the type of questions and pattern of the exam. Sample papers can also help students to understand the difficulty level of the questions asked in the board exams. They can also identify the important topics from which questions are asked every year in the board exams and can concentrate more on the important topics. 

Students must solve previous year’s question papers of class 12 board exams. They should download the class 12 physics papers from the internet for more practice. Previous year’s question papers can help students to manage time. They can set a timer and try to finish the paper in the stipulated time so that they can also finish the paper on time. 

Students must practice solving numerical problems. They should solve all numerical problems and questions given in the NCERT books. Students must remember the formulas and should know the methods for solving the numerical problems in physics. Numerical problems are very important and scoring. Students can score high marks in class 12 physics by practising numerical problems. 

Revision is also important for scoring high marks in class 12 physics. They should revise all important formulas and definitions given in the NCERT books. They can write the important formulas and definitions in the notebook. They can use the revision notes during a final revision before the exams. Students must practice important derivations to score high marks in class 12 physics. 

Students must practice derivatives properly given in the main chapters such as optics, magnetism, and electrostatics. These are the most important chapters in class 12 physics. Students must clear all doubts related to the main chapters. They should solve all important questions given in the important chapters so that they can secure high marks in class 12 physics. 

Tips to follow during the class 12 physics exam

Students of class 12 can follow the tips given here during the exam. They must not panic during the exam. Students must stay calm. They should use the following tips during the class 12 physics exam to score high marks:

  • Students must read the entire paper carefully before starting the paper. They should mark the easy and the difficult questions. Students must start doing the easy questions first so that they can build up their confidence.
  • Students must try to solve all questions in the exams. They should try to write descriptive answers properly and should write all important points to get high marks. They should write answers in good handwriting to make a good impression on the examiner.
  • If students do not know the answer to any question they should not waste much time and should move forward. They should first finish the entire paper and should try to solve the difficult or unsolved questions in the end. 
  • Students should use images and graphs to explain the answer. Students can explain the answer by making proper diagrams and images. 
  • Students should keep the paper neat and clean. They should avoid overwriting of answers as it can put a wrong impression on the examiner. 

Thus, students can follow the above tips before and during the class 12 physics exam to score high marks.


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