How Do People Stay Entertained in Winter in Cold Places?

Winter has hit the northern hemisphere, which means cold nights and chilly days, with the odd snowfall thrown in for good measure. Outdoors in the UK can be pretty unforgiving if you aren’t prepared well enough. 

The good news is that there are plenty of things to do to keep yourself occupied, both at home and while you’re out and about. To inspire your winter adventures, we’ve put together seven broad categories of activities guaranteed to keep anyone entertained.


Winter camping needs a lot more gear than summer camping. It’s a wholly different experience altogether, which is why you’ve got to try it at least once if and when the opportunity arises. Use the chance to switch off from the digital devices that consume daily life. 

The serenity of a warm fire, surrounded by nothing but the great outdoors, maybe a warm cup of hot chocolate, or a comfy snuggle buddy… if that sounds like a good time to you then gear up and head out as soon as you can, it’s worth it for the experience alone.


From video games and board games to puzzles and drinking games, there are so many ideas for interactive recreation that it would take an encyclopedia to list them all. That’s without even mentioning movies and music, which could be a category all on their own.

Considering the diversity on offer, the best recommendation we can give is: don’t be afraid to try new things by exploring the options available to you. By doing so, you will gradually collect a set of preferred activities that have enough variety to last a lifetime.

Home improvement

Thanks to the ubiquitous use of free online video platforms like Youtube, DIY home improvement has become far more prevalent than it used to be. With the right tools and the right knowledge, even light renovations can be done by an amateur.

The start of winter is a good time to check for leaks, gaps, and any other forms of deterioration. This may seem like a mundane activity to some people, but it’s bordering on a hobby for others. We’ll let you decide which side of the fence you’re on.

Ice skating

Whether you’re a novice on the ice or a seasoned skater, ice skating is one of the nicer consequences of plummeting temperatures. It’s a great skill to learn if you’ve never tried it before, with a high skill ceiling and a pretty low bar for entry.

Grab a set of skates, put on your ideal winter gear, and you’re good to go. Just make sure the ice is safe before you hit the surface, or stick to commercial and public ice rinks if you want to avoid any unwanted mishaps.


Sitting by the fire, with a warm blanket and a good book, is the epitome of winter comfort. How do we know this? Aside from countless movies, adverts, and postcards telling us so, the act of experiencing it for yourself is all it takes to convince anyone that it’s true.

If you’re short on reading material, why not head out to a local bookstore? It’s always worth it to support local businesses, but you can also order online if you prefer. If you enjoy digital material rather than traditional books, e-readers and audiobooks are both good alternatives.


Don’t underestimate the simple joy of sledding down a hill. All you need is warm clothing, a well-sized sled, and a healthy appreciation for the simpler things in life, and you’ll get a healthy dose of exercise too while you’re at it.

You don’t have to have a fancy sled, even a scrap of cardboard can be more than sufficient, provided you’re willing to improvise by using whatever materials are available to you. Grab a friend or two to up your enjoyment factor.


Helping people who are less fortunate than you is a humbling, heartwarming act. As a testament to this fact, many cultures see charity work as a critical component of a healthy society. There are many ways to perform charity and it mostly depends on where you live.

Aside from donations of money, clothing, or food, you can also simply dedicate your time to helping others, by signing up for a charity or even starting one yourself. In addition, a change in season is the perfect chance to get rid of unwanted items in your possession.


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