How Ed-Tech Platforms Are Helping Aspirants To Crack Competitive Exams?

In today’s day and age, Edtech platforms have gained immense popularity and have also taken a highly dynamic shape with their various advantages and immeasurable possibilities. The traditional education systems have a lot of replacements. Realizing the potential and benefits, a number of parents and educators are opting for online platforms for the betterment of students.

Nowadays, Edtech platforms are not only supporting school syllabus but also go far and wide by helping students prepare for online examinations. Virtual learning environments are playing a major role in democratizing the preparation for competitive exams in the Indian ed-tech scenario.

Leveraging the internet and a software system, nowadays everyone has access to the internet or spends most of the time in front of laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Aspirants are highly benefited from Ed Tech platforms, as they can consume content on the go and track their progress. Also, the educational materials can be saved across the devices making them accessible when in need.

In India, millions of students are preparing for competitive exams like SSC, NEET, JEE, Banking, etc. This is mainly due to the craze for government jobs. This craze has really helped the Edtech companies to capture a big market by providing preparation platforms to the aspirants.

Various Ed-Tech platforms with a wide range of study materials and free mock tests can help students to crack the competitive exams. Edtech platforms like Entri, provide specially designed lectures, video classes, previous year solved and unsolved papers, preparation materials specifically targeted at certain exams, sample questionnaires, and much more to aspirants within a click. 

Now Let’s See What Made Students And Aspirants Take Ed-Tech Platforms For Learning And Preparation:

  1. Mobile Apps: Edtech companies leverage technology and reach each aspirant or student who possesses smartphones. They can easily download these apps and can experience personalized learning in the comfort of their own space. They can also get access to numerous study materials, top-tier personalized test preparations to crack the specific exam the aspirant is trying to crack.
  2. Accessibility: Edtech companies have provided aspirants with a very easy and accessible platform to prepare for their exams. Unlike tuition and coaching classes, Edtech platforms are not restricted to timing. Aspirants can study in their own time and can track their progress. This really helps in saving their time and giving them an option of where and how they want to study.
  3. Cost-Effective: As we know, preparing for the competitive exams with coaching classes is really expensive. Also, there is a need to buy preparation books and study materials which are also really expensive. On the contrary, Edtech companies provide well-researched curriculum, video classes, and study materials in one click, which helps them in preparing for exams. These materials can either be at a very low cost or mostly free.

Therefore, we can say that Ed-tech platforms have revolutionized the learning and exam preparation industry and have beaten the traditional methods. Specialized Ed-tech platforms like Entri are also inculcating skill development programs like spoken English classes to help aspirants prepare not just for the exams, but also for the real world.


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