How Efficient Is The Renault Kwid? Engine Specifications

The news of a new feature-loaded Renault Kwid yet to launch is trending in countries like India and China. And with the car featuring an electric system, the dreams of an economical hatchback from the Renault family with optimum performance will soon be a reality. 

With the current trim being the cheapest green car in China and among the most economical, we expect the upcoming trim to be more efficient.

Renault Kwid is not new to the Indonesians having been introduced for the first time back in 2016. It’s offered in two variants; Renault Kwid MT at Rp 149,90 Million and Renault Kwid Climber at Rp 1,59 Billion. Except for the 16mm difference in height, the two variants have equal measurements.

As we look forward to a year full of surprises, Renaults Kwid’s Electric car coming to Indonesia will not be a surprise. Having been launched in India and China, when is it coming to Indonesia?  As we wait for the news about its release, do we expect a more ecologically friendly and efficient Kwid?

Renault Produces More Greener Cars

As we wait for the Renault Kwid Neotech that is greener to be launched this year in Indonesia, the already existing Kwid carries an engine that’s BS6 rated. The safety standards may not be promising but Renault is committed to delivering vehicles that are Eco efficient. And Renault Kwid is no exception.

Given its power to weight ratio and the general lightweight body, you’ll find this hatchback to be a better option for everyday city rides. Don’t forget to look at the exterior styling if require a presentable car.

With the majority of the Renault cars being ecologically friendly and economical, the original Kwid together with its limited-edition – Neotech – are meant to save lots of cash on fuel. 

BS6 came into operation last year in April setting standards for the latest permissible emission levels. And for the Renault Kwid engine to carry this badge, it must be environmentally safe. Even though the engine capacity is small and the power output is equally proportional, the Variable Speed Automatic transmission system uplifts Kwid to another level. 

For any car to be BS6 (Bharat Stage 6) compliant, its exhaust gases have to be controlled to meet the set emission norms. Besides the norms, BS6 compliant cars should have real-time emission tracking during Real Driving Emission time. These cars use petrol as their primary fuel to propel the engine.

Among the stringent norms, this Renault Kwid has complied with include emission of 60mg/km of nitrogen oxide and inclusion of safety features like driver and co-driver airbag. Other features are reverse parking sensor, speed alert system, ABS and Electronic Brake Force Distribution. 

To make the hatchback more environmentally safe, most parts are made of recycled plastics and can be given a second life. 

Renault Kwid Engine Specifications

Whereas you feel proud riding on an SUV styled car, the 999 cc capacity engine with lower power will be contrary even though anticipated. This engine powers out 67hp at 5,500 rpm and 91 Nm at 4250 rpm. It’s available in two options; a 0.8L engine and a 1.0L engine. 

To make suit the Renaults dream, the engine utilizes the Smart Control Efficiency engine technology to regulate air-fuel intake. This optimizes fuel efficiency and performance.


Renault Kwid just like the Renault Duster, Renault Koleos and the Triber is popularly known for combining design and efficiency. Whether it’s the exterior or the interior, their attractiveness and style have placed these cars in a forward position.


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