How Online Hijabi Models are Bringing Hijab Fashion Back in Trend?

While we talk of hijab, it is quite obvious to think of a conservative style of dressing that covers the head, hair, and ears of a Muslim woman. This conservative style of dressing is often considered opposite to what is called modern dressing.

However, contrary to this, the charm of modest fashion has become the centre of attraction across the globe. Many models and designers are now moving a step closer in making modest dressing talk of the town with their experiments and style.

Hana Tajima, a famous UK designer, is making all the efforts of presenting the different stylish ways of wearing a hijab. Just like her, many other designers are now marking their contribution in the same wave of fashion combined with comfort. People are exploring hijabs online to be a part of this revolutionized way of dressing with modesty which is also fashionable.

Hijab getting back in trend in the most stylish manner:

As modest fashion is on its rise, the center of attraction of this movement is none other than – a hijab. This layer of modest fashion is replacing the historic hijab style with something elegant, stylish, trending, and modern along with the maximum comfort needed.

Popular models like Halima Aden, Mariah Idrissi, Amena Khan, Nura Afia, Noor Tagouri, etc. are making their special contribution to bringing hijab back in style. The best thing about the art of this modest fashion is that there aren’t any compromises with the comfort while combining hijab with fashion and style.

Hijab – a combination of fashion and style:

While you can always wear a hijab in its traditional manner, there are many different ways to wrap a hijab that can make you look modest, comfortable, and stylish at the same time. The recent time has witnessed many such ways that represented hijab with the perfectly balanced of fashion and tradition.

Here are some ways that brings hijab back into the fashion game while maintaining its roots of belief:

  • Understand your personality:

Before trying any hijab style, it is important to understand your personality style. This will help you choose the right kind of hijab, amongst the many available ones, that look good on you. You should always go for such hijabs that bring the best out of your personality.

You can experiment with different hijabs to understand which style suits you the best. Moreover, you can also try playing with different hijab colors and wrapping patterns to explore the best ones that give you a unique stand.

  • Different hijab styles:

One of the easiest ways of making your hijab look stylish and elegant is to wear it in a different and appealing style. Rather than opting for the traditional way, you can choose to wear hijab in a style that suits your personality.

You can try different styles of hijabs for different occasions that can help you stand distinguished at every event without putting in any special efforts. Just be sure of the style that matches perfectly with your style and you are ready to spread your charm with your hijab.

  • Play with accessories:

No doubt a hijab looks gorgeous on its own as well but there isn’t any harm in beautifying it using some accessories. Isn’t it?

You can use some elegant accessories with your hijab that gives it a well-defined meaning. You can find many different kinds of accessories that can be matched with a hijab. You just have to choose the one that suits your style and personality. 

You can also try using different kinds of pins, under a scarf, brooches, etc. with your hijab to make it look more elegant and good.

  • Never compromise with comfort:

While you are trying to glamorize your hijab style, make sure that you never compromise with your comfort. Being comfortable in your hijab should always be your priority, no matter what style you are trying.

Hijab is a strong asset of modest dressing and that should never come in between your confidence. Rather it should be a way to enhance your confidence as you know that you are wearing something that suits you to the best.

Be experimenting with your choices of hijab while keeping your roots attached to modest dressing.

  • Choose a hijab according to your outfit:

Thanks to the wide range of hijab styles, it is now possible to choose a hijab according to your outfit. You can experiment with the hijab style that compliments your outfit to stand stronger with confidence.

You can try the cosy hijab look for the winter season while you can keep your hijab lightweight for the summer season. Moreover, you can also mix-match your hijab color with the color of your outfit. Playing with colors while choosing your hijab also helps to give it a stylish edge.

  • Lightweight hijab to go:

It is not necessary to make your hijab complicated or heavy. You can always choose to keep your hijab style lightweight, natural, and elegant. You can try different hijab styles that can make you look good and different even on regular days.

While choosing your hijab, according to the occasion, be very sure of the fabric. Play and experiment with the hijab fabrics to get a different stylish look every single time you wear them. Choose a comfortable fabric for ease and convenience.

Final Thoughts:

There are tons of ways to combine your hijab with comfort and style. The core need of the movement of modest fashion is to bring the best in every woman; no matter if she wears a hijab or not.

Dressing with modesty does not means going out of style. The same is strongly supported by the Hijabi models throughout the globe. You can always look stylish, attractive, and modern while keeping your modest and value in place. All you need is just a little awareness for doing so.

What are your thoughts about modest dressing bring hijab back into fashion like never before? Please share your valuable thoughts with us in the comments.


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