How the Nervous Flyer Can Overcome Anxiety?

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Affordable Parking reservations are just a few clicks away. But this assumes that an ordinary traveler’s stress originates from the preparatory steps they must undertake before boarding their flight.

That isn’t always the case. For a lot of people, the flight itself is a frustrating source of anxiety and irritation. This is especially true for individuals that have to spend several hours on end at the airport and in the air, traversing long distances even as they contend with the claustrophobia, the discomfort that the seats can sometimes attract, the fear that turbulence breeds, etc.

How the Nervous Flyer Can Overcome Anxiety?

Do all flights have to be stressful? Some people are naturally nervous about flying. They think they have no choice but to suffer through the physical and mental aches that the miracle of human flight can sometimes elicit.

But that isn’t true. There are ways to improve your flying experience, steps you can take to banish your nerves and to transform a hectic journey into a more relaxing undertaking. They include the following:

1. Preparation

Always prepare. It doesn’t matter if other people think you are going overboard. Invest in every single tool and amenity that can help you find peace of mind during your flight.

If you can afford to sit in first class, pay for it. If there are special meals on the plane that have been known to distract you from your anxieties, buy them. Take advantage of every opportunity your financial muscle gives you to fly in comfort.

Even if you lack the means to acquire every benefit your flight has to offer, simply knowing that you have done your best to ease your journey will allow you to attain a modicum of peace.

2. Acceptance

Even if you prepare adequately, even if you pay for every amenity on your flight, you are still going to encounter obstacles along the way. The customer support staff will frustrate you.

Queues will run on for longer than is necessary. Your fellow passengers will misbehave. Basically, everything that can go wrong will probably go wrong. You need to accept this ahead of time.

Do your part to make your transition smooth and unobtrusive. But do not make the mistake of presuming that you can sail through your flight without any hiccups.

If you can accept that things will go wrong, you will find it much easier to brush off every annoyance that comes your way.

3. Commit to Your Line

This is difficult. Have you ever stood in a slow line at an airport? Once there, have you ever felt the temptation to leave your line for another line because you thought the second queue was progressing at a faster rate?

Most passengers do this. They do not have the patience to commit to one line regardless of the progress they think they have observed in other lines.

This is a mistake and it only leads to more anxiety and frustration, which is exactly what you need to avoid. Statistics will tell you that, if you have a series of ten queues, the chances of you escaping from a slow line to a much faster line are low. Most lines at the airport generally progress at the same rate.

Just accept your fate, settle in and wait your turn. You will realize that your anxiety isn’t buffeting you quite as frequently.

4. Water

Stay hydrated. JFK International Airport is huge. It is going to take you quite a while to get from the entrance to the plane, especially with all the checkpoints along the way. So you must drink plenty of water.

This will keep your body strong. It will also lift your mood.

5. Music

If flying makes you really nervous, music might help. First of all, try to maintain a state of total awareness as you transition through the airport. Rather than plugging your ears with headphones and listening to music the whole way, take a moment to study your surroundings.

You will find things along the way to distract you from any anxiety you might feel as you approach the boarding gate.

When it comes to boarding, you do not have to stand in line, jostling for space with every other passenger. Wait for most other people to board so that you can take your time finding your seat.

Once you are settled, if your nerves are still frayed, listen to some mindless music. This will also distract you from your fears.

6. Breathing

Strangely enough, if turbulence occurs, nervous flyers are discouraged from using music as a distraction. Rather, you are better off engaging in some breathing exercises. You can’t do anything about the turbulence but you can control your reaction to it.

You cannot hope to avoid stress at an airport. Whether it is the paperwork required to secure JFK Longterm Parking or the line at the security checkpoint, there are far too many irritating components associated with flying.

Nervous flyers react even more strongly to such stimulus. However, because you can’t actually do much to improve the physical circumstances that have complicated your travel plans, your only choice is to improve your psychological reactions to such stress.

Change what you can about your flight and then accept everything else that is beyond your control.


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