How to Backup WhatsApp on iPhone

With over 1 billion downloads, WhatsApp is one of the most popular IM apps in the world. While using WhatsApp is quite easy, users often find it hard to backup their WhatsApp chats. If you don’t have a backup of your WhatsApp data, then you might end up losing your chats unexpectedly. Thankfully, there are different ways to backup WhatsApp data on iPhone and Android. In this post, I’m going to explore a simple technique to take a backup of your WhatsApp on iPhone. In a few minutes, you can now save your WhatsApp chats. Let’s learn how!

How to backup WhatsApp on iPhone via iCloud?

If you are a regular user of WhatsApp on iPhone, then you must have seen this option. As you know, all iOS devices are connected to an iCloud (Apple) account. If you want, you can even link your iCloud to WhatsApp as well. In this way, your WhatsApp backup would be stored in the cloud. This comes with its own benefits and limitations.


  • Your WhatsApp backup would be stored in iCloud. Therefore, you can access it anytime you want.
  • This is a native solution to backup WhatsApp data. No third-party app is needed.
  • The technique is quite easy to implement.


  • It will consume an evident amount of your iCloud storage. If you don’t have free space in iCloud, then it is not recommended.
  • While restoring, it will erase the existing WhatsApp data.
  • You can’t restore WhatsApp chats on another device or platform.
  • No preview of backup is provided to do a selective restore of data.


If you are ready to take a backup of your WhatsApp on iCloud, then make sure that the following requirements are met:

  • There should be enough free space in the iCloud storage.
  • The phone should be connected to a stable network.
  • Make sure that the iCloud option is enabled on the phone. If not, then go to your phone’s Settings > Apple ID > iCloud and turn it on.

How to backup WhatsApp on iPhone?

To learn how to take WhatsApp backup iPhone on iCloud, follow these steps:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and go to its Menu > Settings.
  2. Visit Chats/Chat Settings > Chat Backup. To take an instant backup of WhatsApp data, tap on the “Back up Now” button.
  3. You can also visit the “Auto Backup” option from here. Later, you can select if you wish to take daily, weekly, or monthly automatic backup.

Restoring iCloud WhatsApp backup

To restore the previously taken backup, you need to reinstall WhatsApp on the same iPhone. Make sure it is connected to the same iCloud as well. While setting up WhatsApp, enter your existing phone number. WhatsApp will automatically detect the backup. Tap on the “Restore Chat History” option here to proceed. This will overwrite the existing WhatsApp data with the new one.

The Recommended Tool to Backup and Restore WhatsApp on iPhone

As you can see, the above-listed method can be a bit complicated and has tons of pitfalls. To have a seamless experience, you can try a dedicated tool like iSkysoft Toolbox – Restore Social App. The highly advanced software can take a backup of your WhatsApp data with a single click. Later, you can restore it to any device. The application also works as a backup extractor. You can view your messages (or attachments) and restore them selectively. Not just WhatsApp, it can also be used to backup and restore other social apps like Line, WeChat, Viber, and Kik.

  • It provides a fast, simple, and reliable solution to backup and restore WhatsApp data (including chats, contacts, and attachments).
  • The tool also allows us to directly transfer WhatsApp chats from an iPhone to another iPhone/Android.
  • With just one click, you can take a complete backup of your WhatsApp chats.
  • You can just load the backup and preview it. This will let you selectively restore WhatsApp data to the same or any other iOS/Android device.
  • The existing data on the device won’t be erased during the restoring process.
  • Compatible with all the popular iOS devices like iPhone XR, XS Max, XS, X, etc.

By following this guide, you would certainly be able to backup WhatsApp data on iCloud. To have a better experience, you can also try iSkysoft Toolbox – Restore Social App. It provides a complete solution to backup, restore, and transfer your WhatsApp data in seconds.


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