How to Bet on Football – A Complete Guide

Football is undoubtedly one of the most popular and widely played games in the entire world. There are hundreds of countries and thousands of teams playing football. For these reasons, football is also said to be the king of sports betting.

Football is one of the best choices for sports betting because football is played throughout the year with international, national, and club level matches being held every day. And hence, every single day thousands of people bet on football matches.

If you are new into sports betting and want to bet on football matches, then there are some basics that you should know since without knowing the basic things you will not be able to perform well for long. But if you prefer quick winnings we recommend visiting one of the Asian casinos listed here.

How does it Work?

There are different types of wagers that you can place on football betting. Every week you will find match fixtures in national and league orders, and you bet on the selected matches you like. The bookmakers will give you information about the odds, the probability of the result, number of cards, number of corners, etc.

You can bet on any matches beginning from big leagues like Bundesliga, Premier League to lower-division events. You can do single betting where you guess the outcome of a match, or you can also make multiple bets. If you are sure that you know enough and want to try your luck in sports betting, visit SBOBET 365 and give it a try.

Types of Football Betting  

Match Bet: Match bet is the most common type of betting where you bet on a single team guessing the result of the match. You can bet for a win or lose of the team or for a draw.

Double Chance: In the double chance, you can bet on two possible outcomes of a single match. For example, you can bet for a win or draw in the same match. Though, as you must have guessed, the odds are low in this type of bet, the risk of loss is small.

Handicap Bet: In a handicap bet, you bet on the goal difference between two teams. For example, if you bet on a team at the beginning of a match with one goal handicap, the team then has to win the match by the difference of at least two goals.

Asian Handicap: In Asian handicap betting, each team in a game is given an A+ or an A-. In the Asian handicap, there are two possible choices. And, if the match ends up in a draw, the better get his money back.

European Handicap: Unlike the Asian handicap, in the European handicap, you bet on one team and give the other team an advantage of one goal to increase their odds.

Over-Under Bet: In over-under betting the bookmaker will give you a number and they will guess the result that will be either over the provided number or under that. Mostly, the bookmakers offer 2.5 as a base.


Sports betting in itself is a complex process as it includes a lot of numbers, stats, and algorithms. And when you are betting on a busy game like football, it is bound to get more complex. Hence, before you start betting on football, it is essential to know the basics of football betting and how it works. It might take some time for you to be familiar with the types and steps of betting in football. However, if you do it properly, you will have a million-dollar market in front of you.


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