How to Clean Any Kind of Floor

When it comes to cleaning your floors, it is easy to go straight to for your scrub brushes and your knee pads. However, you will be pleased to find out that there are much easier options available for you to try out first.

Whether your floors are tile, carpet, laminate or linoleum, we’ve gathered the safest and most effective methods for keeping your floors looking shiny and new.

  • Cleaning Your Laminate

While your laminate may look like natural stone tile or hardwood planks, you still need to treat it as what it is: laminate. Fortunately, there are not that many things that can damage your laminate flooring – just make sure you keep water from getting up underneath your planks. Vacuuming and dry mopping are great techniques for this flooring. If you want to polish your laminate floor, make sure you get the right kind.

  • Clean Carpet Practices

Follow these easy steps for the best ways to keep your carpet smelling fresh:

  • Implement the No Shoes Rule

Start leaving your shoes at the door. This will significantly decrease the amount of debris and dirt that is tracked into your house. Your family can adapt a no shoes rule, and it is always easy to politely ask visitors to take their shoes off at the door prior to entering your home.

Shoes are major culprits when it comes to floor discoloration and dirt stains. The hard tread on the bottom of your shoes is also known to wear on your carpet, meaning you will need to replace them sooner.

  • Try Using Carpet Protection

If you have a particular section of your carpet that gets more foot traffic than the rest of it, like the walkway between your sofas and your coffee table, try adding a trendy rug over these areas to keep the carpet clean and protect it.

  • Vacuum Regularly

You should vacuum at least three times a week to maintain the longevity of your clean carpets. Doing this slowly and thoroughly will maximize the amount of dirt you clear out – if you rush through the chore, your floors will show it.

  • Caring for Your Hardwood

If your wood floors are sealed with a protective coating, they are probably already pretty well protected from water damage and stains. Try mixing ¼ cup of pH-neutral or mild soap with some water for cleaning as opposed to the more common vinegar solutions. The acidity of vinegar is known to dull the wood over time. High traffic areas should be cleaned once a week while low traffic areas are fine to be cleaned once a month.

  • Tips for Linoleum

Cleaning linoleum is similar to cleaning cork floors. Try mixing some hot water with a couple of drops of dish soap inside a spray bottle and spritzing small sections of the floor at a time before wiping with a mop. The floor should dry quickly, and if it still feels sticky then you can wipe it off again.

  • Pruning Your Porcelain

If you are cleaning porcelain tile, prepare the spritz and dry mop method yet again. This time, you are going to gently mix a single drop of dish soap with warm water and a ¼ cup of vinegar. Spraying small sections at a time and wiping each one off with a damp mop before continuing on to the next, you will eventually get every inch of your floor sparkly clean. For the occasional deep clean, using a steam cleaner can be very helpful and is great for getting all the difficult to reach bacteria.


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