How To Find A Job As A Marketing Student

In fact, having a diploma in hand, it is already too late to look for work. Why is it too late, because you have a degree, you have a specialty? It would seem, well now here is the beginning of a career? I’m afraid that’s not the case. It’s probably too late to look for a job as a marketing specialist with a diploma, but it doesn’t mean it’s useless. More accurately, it’s too late to start looking for a job properly. That leaves you to try to join the motley stream of competing applicants for marketing jobs with a wide variety of backgrounds, including feeling the competition of colleagues with very good education and extensive hands-on experience. Once you join, you will have to start competing from a clear outsider position. However, you should not despair, but there is something to realize, and it is better to do it now, so as not to be late forever.

Most people formulate different questions, but they are quintessential:

“I’m interested in marketing in general, but I don’t know what exactly.”

So where are the roots of this “interested but don’t know exactly what”? Perhaps the lack of alternatives for the former school graduates, adds to it all the lack of marketing practice of most university professors and the excessive dryness of the theory, which does not “touch the heart”…

Thus, an understanding of the desire to work in a particular area of marketing should emerge at the stage of education in high school. All subsequent study: official at lectures, practical training, at writing a diploma, and independent behind a computer and books, all should be subordinated to one thing – the subsequent successful employment in a certain marketing specialty.

A marketer is a love of people. It’s empathy. At the heart of success are excitement, an intuitive understanding of how to connect one person’s desire to another person’s desire, and tremendous creativity.  That’s in the beginning! Only the background knowledge and the ability to apply it in practice will make you a bot, able to quickly pull out a template of previous experience and knowledge that somehow fits the occasion and somehow fit it into a wildly different situation. That alone will never make you a successful marketing professional.

The first thing you need to start with

Read a lot.

Read about the principles of marketing, about its philosophy. Be imbued not with the ideas of economists and peddlers about big profits, but with the ideas of helping people, through helping them meet their immediate needs.

Build your own website.

Make your own. From start to finish. There’s no need to make a special site. Most likely, the content on such a site won’t be unique. Create a site about something you know well, and make the content unique and highly specialized. Tell us about the breed of your dog – everything from history to personal experience with care, education; create a site about roller skates, of course with lessons for beginners and the story of the specifics of a particular type of bearing, and skating classes; cover any topic in which you consider yourself an expert. The disclosure of your topic specified on the site will tell your future employer that you are a person not indifferent, sympathetic, systematic, and deep thinking.


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