How to Join and Win at the Casino World Poker Tour?

World Poker Tour is the cluster of major poker tournaments organized by the WPT Enterprises. WPT is a leading poker platform that allows poker players to showcase their skills. Furthermore, the winner gets a huge amount and becomes globally popular among the people. So, if you want to step into the WPT platform, this article will help you a lot as here you will get to know about the types of WPT events, ways to participate in the main event, and many more about WPT.

World Poker Tours – Voice of Poker Players

The poker players are always eager to showcase their skills; for that, an opportunity is needed, and WPT has filled that vacuum by offering an ideal platform for them. WPT was started in 2002 by Steven Lipscomb and comprised ample events broadcast on TV. With time, WPT gained popularity, and at present, it is highly applauded by users. 

WPT mostly places the main event in the US, but the other popular events occur in different countries, such as WPTPrime promoted by Gclub in Southeast Asian countries (Vietnam, Cambodia, and Taiwan). As a newbie, if you are not unaware of WPT tournaments but determined to step into this world, then scroll down the page to know the events in more depth.

WPT Popular Events

WPT organizes several poker tournaments so that poker players around the world can participate. Furthermore, some events are also performed online, such as ClubWPT, PlayWPT, and LearnWPT. Now, let’s see about these events and the process of joining and winning the game.

WPT Main Tour

WPT Main Tour is the premier event where the winner gets $500,000, and this event mostly takes place during the summer season. The main tour was open for all, and the player had to go for the buy-in of $25,000, but with time and execution of US gambling laws (UIGEA), the buy-in rate was slashed to $15,000. The drop in buy-in increased the number of participants, and the idea was quite successful. 

WPT management made many changes for the entry of participants after the execution of new gambling laws. Now, the open system is closed, and the players who won any tournament in WPT current season can go for the main tour. Furthermore, the player who plays on a live satellite can also be qualified for the main tour.


The general tournament of WPT starts with 1000 blinds, but in WPTDeepStacks, the blinds count is only 300 or a little more. This tournament gives ample ways for the players to earn money and participate in this tournament; the buy-in range is $50-2500. 


WPT500 is a reasonable tournament where the buy-in price is $500, and this platform is good for amateurs who want to try their skills on WPT. The prime intention of launching this tournament was to bring more and more players so that it could reach every corner of the world. 

If you want to join this tournament, you will have to spend only $500, and once the enrollment is done, you can participate.

How to Join Casino World Poker

As you are quite familiar with the tournaments, so it will be easy for you to judge the tournament, and as per that, you can take part. The detailed enrolment process is listed below; just go through the same.

Take Part In Satellite Tournament

A satellite tournament is a mini-tournament where the winner and the first runner-up get the prize in the form of the main event ticket. You can participate in such a tournament via an offline or an online mode, and the best part is the minimum buy-ins, so you don’t have to spend more, and there is a high chance of getting the ticket for the main tour.

Venue Selection

WPT Enterprises, Inc. organizes many events during the season, such as WPT Hard Rock Tampa, WPT Venetian Las Vega, WPT Seminole Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker, and others. The tournaments mentioned above are about to happen, so if you are interested, pick one venue. 

The venue selection can be made online or offline; if you go for an online process, you can move to the official website of World Poker Tours and further select the venue. On the off chance, if you want to go for the offline mode, you will have to be familiar with the regional gambling laws (where the tournament is taking place) and also, you will have to bear your expenses, including the one on the cruise ship.

Enrolment in WPT Tournament

Enrolment is the toughest task in the WPT tournament as the events are quite popular, and the possibility of table availability is very low. So, to enroll in the tournament, you will have to reach the venue before the time to find the table to play at. Once your enrolment is done, you can showcase your skills in the WPT tournaments.


ClubWPT is an online subscription-based platform where the winner gets a ticket for the WPT main tour. If you want to play in ClubWPT, you will have to become a member, and after that, your door to the tournament is open. The tournament is mostly conducted monthly, where the winner gets $100,000 or a ticket to WPT Main Tour.

How to Win at the Casino World Poker Tour?

World Poker Tour is a platform for everyone, but poker professionals take a lot of advantages because they are familiar with the game’s tactics. If you want to win the WPT tournament, you will have to work hard, enhance your poker skills, watch video tutorials, follow the experts on social media to gather poker techniques, and practice the game.

On the off chance, if you are a mere novice and not familiar with the Poker game but have a deep interest in this game, then LearnWPT is there for you. LearnWPT is a subscription-based plan where you will get comprehensive poker training from professionals. Furthermore, the platform is embedded with AI, meaning you will play against the AI and get instant feedback on your game. 

Bottom Line

Getting enrolled in World Poker Tour is a dream of every poker as it is the leading platform where the poker legends face-off. So, to participate in the WPT tournament, you can play ClubWPT or Satellite tournament as the winners get the ticket to WPT Main Tour. Furthermore, the additional methods listed to join casino WPT are also beneficial, and you must take a chance.


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